A blaze of autumnal colours at Wolford

  • Exciting combinations of textures dominate Wolford’s autumn/winter 2013/2014 collection.
  • Extraordinary colour schemes make for visual delights

The Wolford autumn/winter 2013/2014 is brought to you with an unprecedented mix of textures and colours. On the one hand, the dark, shadowy colours are beautifully enhanced with metallic silver accents. Whilst on the other, feminine and masculine materials such as tweed, herringbone pattern, snakeskin and marble effect are contrasted with powerful bursts of colour. The range presents exciting combinations with black, including honey yellow, blue grey, fir green, lantana red and coffee brown.

The wonderful Marlin sea blue “Merina” range is a dazzling example, featuring the “Merina Pullover” top with a sophisticated roll neck, as well as the “Merina Cardigan” in classic ribbed design and featuring three-quarter length sleeves. Fabulous rep ribbon adorns the pockets, cuffs and the button border, where the large silver buttons provide an attractive contrast to the generally formal design. For an alternative look, the slim-fitting “Merina Skirt” and the “Merina Dress” look great with a stylish matching belt. Subtle accents are also created by silver buttons and rep ribbon.

Classic design meets colourful extravagance
The contrasting style of the “Gent Body” is characterised by a mixture of bold lantana red combined with a herringbone design and silver buttons. In addition to the attractive autumnal colours, a low-cut feminine V-neck playfully contrasts with the button border, silver buttons and the slightly masculine pattern.
The extravagant “Tweed Dress” is the finest example of how classic designs can be combined with modern colours. Despite its old English tweed design, the knee-length dress has a modern twist thanks to an exciting range of colours: honey yellow (honey tweed), moonshine white (moonstruck tweed) or almond beige (almodine). The dress brings together the plunging V-neck of the “Tweed String Body” with the flattering silhouette structure of the “Tweed Skirt”.

Striking in snakeskin or fabulous in floral?
The “Rattle” range is the perfect way to add creative flare to your wardrobe. The seamless “Rattle String Body” is bound to have you noticed with its bold pattern and low-cut neckline. Alternatively, the “Rattle Shirt” will also have all eyes on you, whether it’s worn solo or under a blazer or cardigan. Choose from a variety of attractive two-tone colour schemes: warm coffee brown (coffee rattle), glamorous honey yellow (honey rattle) or low-key dark grey (beluga rattle). The snakeskin theme continues in other sections, such as the “Rattle Tights” in hosiery and the “Rattle Scarf” in accessories, which is made from smooth satin silk and is available in three attractive colours.

The “Bouquet” range, featuring an elaborate raised lace design, is the perfect way to put a spring in your step. In keeping with the theme, this item is available in pale rose (rose powder) or a bold fir green (pine needle). Whether you opt for the string body, the pullover or the dress, the combination of floral lace and transparency will enhance your female silhouette.

First-class marble effect and a superior design
Another fashionable highlight is the “Duchess” range, with its stylish dark hues of colour that create a glamorous metallic effect. The smooth, shimmering material is not only soft to the touch but is also highly impressive thanks to the marble colour schemes in honey yellow, chestnut brown and moonshine white. This effect can also be enhanced with the “Duchess tights” for an even more chic look.
One of the finest reinterpretations of lace designs can be found at Wolford this winter. The “Magic” range shows how attractive lace patterns can be beautifully mixed with soft velvet material. This special combination offers a beautiful, timeless elegance, intensified by the two-tone options of black with almond beige, almond beige with black or fir green with black.
The seamless “Magic Body” and “Magic Pullover” feature decorative borders around the neckline and cuffs, which harmonise perfectly with the lace design.The seamless knitted “Magic Dress” also bears the same design on the back and front. Completing the line is the “Magic Skirt”, which looks wonderful when paired with warm tights on a cold winter day.


Photo downloads: Please note that the use of the motives is granted only until and including 31.10.17 and solely for editorial purposes. Please assure that all pictures bear the credit  „Wolford AG, Bregenz“.

Merina Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/59725.zip

Merina Cardigan: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/59726.zip

Merina Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/59727.zip

Merina Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/59728.zip


Gent Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/75064.zip

Tweed Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/58201.zip

Tweed String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/78244.zip

Tweed Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/58200.zip


Rattle String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/76032.zip

Rattle Shirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/56159.zip

Rattle Scarf: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/96082.zip

Rattle Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/96082.zip


Duchess Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/59718.zip

Duchess Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/58204.zip



Bouquet String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/79069.zip

Bouquet Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/59720.zip

Bouquet Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/59721.zip


Magic Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/78239.zip

Magic Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/58191.zip

Magic Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/58195.zip

Magic Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/aw1314/trend/58193.zip


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