Autumn Fashion Latest Trends: New Generation Of Tights

With the approaching cold weather, wearing tights is an absolute must: the unique technology by Wolford introduces new generation of opaque tights.

With the hot days of summer almost over, we are shortly moving into one of the most inspirational seasons of the year: Autumn. In fact, soon enough we will finally have time to renew our wardrobe with the new generation of must-have items. Although summer is the perfect season of the year to show off your body and put on your fanciest dresses, the following months have their own charm. In fact, this is the perfect season to layer up and to wear your favorite fashion items. From dresses and skirts to the latest accessories, you can’t say you don’t have a choice this season. If you are looking for that real star look that will impress everyone around you, while making you feel comfortable, then you can’t get through this season without wearing tights.

A timeless fashion item, tights have already conquered many women out there. After all, we all dream about being beautiful even during the sweater weather, and thanks to the new generation of opaque tights by Wolford, your dreams will certainly become true. In fact, this year marks a milestone in opaque tights era. Thanks to a new type of yarn, Wolford creates a new generation of tights, perfectly smooth and soft at touch.

If you have that perfect autumn dress and you can’t wait to wear it, but you are slightly concerned about how, then PURE 50 Tights are the right solution for you. Created to meet the needs of every woman, these tights feature the seamless technique by Wolford: wearing tights has never felt better. In fact, while protecting your legs from the cold, these tights will feel and look invisible. The panty seams are perfectly glued together, allowing you to wear even the tightest dresses you might have in your wardrobe.

Pure 50

Another innovative feature by Wolford is the extra-wide and soft waistband that will guarantee the ultimate comfort, even after a long night out. The new tights feel softer than silk: what can be better during the coldest months?

While Wolford unveils the new generation of PURE tights, more surprises will out come soon and will guarantee unique fashion looks this autumn.