Be Inspired By Lights & Shadows

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Be inspired by lights & shadows!

For the new Wolford campaign Pure Touch, we combined a mix of fashion, creativity, and art to showcase two highly innovative tights:

Pure 50 Tights & Pure 10 Tights. – Truly essentials in every woman’s closet!

With tights as special as these, we needed a strong background for inspiration which is why we chose to feature PURE, clean, and minimalistic designs.

If you’re ahead of the game and already own a pair of these tights (or multiple pairs like in my closet!), we encourage your artistic side to show us your creative lights & shadows photos!

Make sure to follow @WolfordFashion on social media and use the hashtags: #WolfordFashion, #WolfordPureTouch, #WolfordTights, #Pure50Tights, and #Pure10Tights.

We hope to inspire you by art and we look forward to seeing your Pure Touch photos!

Watch our inspiration music video HERE.

– danica