Confessions of a short girl Pt.1

I’ve come out ahead in several things in life, but when it comes to height, I got the short end of the stick. Literally. I’ve been plagued by having to choose my pants from the limited selection that the petites department has to offer. I’ve spent more than the ticket price for all my clothing because it needs to be taken immediately to the seamstress for alternations to fit my non-mannequin-like build. I’ve watched my tall girlfriends in envy as they rock the latest high-waisted pants that would just look silly on me or ankle boots with a skirt that would make my legs look like two tree stumps. For all the other munchkins out there like me, let’s face it, there’s just certain things we cannot wear!

Now there are girls out there who could give a hoot! They rock all the latest styles regardless of their height, and to them I say: bravo! But if you’re feeling a little jipped in the leg department, there’s also some really great tricks to elongate those legs. We’re not naïve. We’ll never be Giselle Bundchen, but we can create the illusion of legs that are just a ‘tad’ longer.

Try vertical patterns. Whether it’s a dress or tights, vertical designs go a long way in elongating our so-called “shortcomings.” You could do a sleek fine line up the back of the leg like the Individual Back Seam tights. However, don’t shy away from bolder vertical patterns like the Trocadero Tights that have the same lengthening effect.


Do ankle patterns right. The dreaded ankle boot. The trendy style, which for us, cuts our poor gams off before they even begin. This can be a double whammy in that it cuts your legs short and makes them look chubby. But before you swear off any and all ankle decorations, take a breath. All is not lost. Keeping in line with the previous point, try designs that start at the ankle and climb the leg vertically. Patterns that finish abruptly at the ankle will surely cut you off, while those that continue on will give you the long and desired slender look like the Precious Tights below.

Sheer is your friend. This is not urging you to swear off colours forever, certainly not. There’s way too many cute collections out there for you to do so! But sheer colours as opposed to solids, work in our favour. And they’re sexier too! Like these Fatal Seamless:

Keep in mind, this look is sometimes hard for us shorties to rock (thigh-highs with the short dress) because usually the dress comes down longer and the thigh-highs higher, creating the normal dress with tights. Oh well, we’ll stay warmer that way!


Of course, in life we shall count our blessings, not our shortcomings! I’ll leave you with something my mom used to always say to me: Good things come in small packages.

Just make sure that package is wrapped in a glamorous pair of tights…..


– Heather Di Maio