Divine Lingerie Ranges Made from Innovative Materials and Featuring Bold Looks Supplement the 2016 Summer Collection

  • Tulle Decor: shapes and sculpts
  • Filigra Lace: the first stretchy French lace
  • Netsation: stretchy net fabric with maximum comfort
  • Leafage: foliage patterns with feminine flair

The new lingerie from the Wolford 2016 summer collection comprises real innovations in terms of appearance and materials:

The Filigra Lace range boasts the worlds first stretchy French lace and combines an especially feminine, delicate look with fantastic comfort. The flocked fabric used for the floral pattern on the Tulle Decor items really contributes to the sculpting effect. The Netsation models take the net theme, creating an extravagant look when worn solo or as part of a layered look, while the Leafage range features floral patterns on a sheer background.

Filigra Lace Forming Body

Filigra Lace Forming Body

Filigra Lace the Worlds First Stretchy Lace
The lingerie from the Filigra range introduces a material that’s a world first: The first stretchy lace – in contrast with traditional French lace – offers exceptional levels of comfort alongside a luxurious, premium look. The material is produced in France exclusively for Wolford, with a lace pattern that is sketched by hand and woven using special machines – a lengthy and elaborate production process that really pays off. The Filigra Lace lingerie items create a romantic yet modern look thanks to their smooth, sheer material while boasting excellent comfort.
The cups in the slightly padded Filigra Lace Bra are made from the new French lace: Their delicate floral design is complemented by the elegant Sheer Touch material of the straps and the underbust panel. This model is ideally suited to larger sizes and can be perfectly combined with all models from the Sheer Touch range from the essentials collection.
The push-up version has a plunging neckline, cups made from luxurious lace and wide straps also featuring lace for an especially feminine look underneath dresses and tops with plunging necklines. The straps of the Filigra Lace Push-Up Bra can also be crossed to create a racerback bra.
The revealing Filigra Lace Tanga and Filigra Lace Panty with their straight-cut leg hems combine beautiful lace on the front with Sheer Touch material on the back: a stylish liaison with subtly sensual charisma that makes no compromises in terms of comfort.
The Filigra Lace range also includes two medium-strength shapewear items: The Filigra Lace Forming Body is a piece with subtle charm and fantastic comfort. It perfectly sculpts the waist and stomach and has an integrated bandeau bra with silicone at the back, as well as detachable, adjustable straps.
The Filigra Lace Forming Dress is a delicate chemise that perfectly sculpts the waist, stomach, hips, bottom and thighs with its medium-strength shaping function. It combines stretchy French lace in the upper section with smooth, elegant Sheer Touch material below the bust. The straps are removable and adjustable and the dress can be attached to a bra so that there are no doubled-up straps. Furthermore, the seamless, flat hem won’t show under close-fitting clothing. All this makes the Filigra Lace Forming Dress a highly attractive shapewear item for a whole range of occasions.
The Filigra Lace Stocking Belt rounds off the Filigra Lace range with its large, filigree panel made from beautiful, floral-patterned lace. In combination with the matching Filigra Lace Stockings with their wide lace panel at the top hem, the Filigra Lace Stocking Belt creates an ensemble that couldn’t be more seductive.
All Filigra Lace items are available in dark orchid and black.

Tulle Decor Forming Dress

Tulle Decor Forming Dress

Tulle Decor: The First Decorative Fabric with a Shaping Effect for Shapewear That Is Stylishly Different
Tulle Decor is a completely new material developed exclusively for Wolford drawing on cutting-edge technology. This fabric uses a floral pattern on delicate tulle to create its shaping effect. The secret is a new kind of flocking technology: Silicone is applied to the base material – especially fine, stretchy tulle – and then flocked. This makes the entire fabric very flexible and the patterned sections create even more compression, so the type and pattern of the decoration has a direct effect on the shaping function of the item.
The Tulle Decor Forming Body and the Tulle Decor Forming Dress consist of a fine, elegant tulle with a floral flocked pattern in the bust and stomach area. This gives these items a medium-strength shaping effect for the waist and stomach, with the dress also sculpting the hips, bottom and thighs. Thanks to the underbust cut, it can be combined with any bra. Both items feature seamless leg hems and extra-wide straps that conceal the straps of the bra. The Tulle Decor Forming Body and the Tulle Decor Forming Dress combine a high level of comfort with a reliable shaping effect and a stylish floral design that looks especially elegant thanks to the color palettes of dark orchid/black and black/black, presenting shapewear in a whole new light.

Netsation Skin Bra

Netsation Skin Bra

Net, up Close and Personal: Netsation Lingerie Teams Futuristic Design with a High Level of Comfort and a Gently Shaping Effect
Netsation lingerie items combine high-quality, all-over Sheer Touch fabric with stretchy net in a very modern way. In addition to their futuristic design, they also offer exceptional comfort, with their super-soft material closely hugging the skin.
The Netsation Skin Bra is a modern bra without underwiring that appeals due to its summery cool chic. Its 12 mm wide straps are adjustable. It is perfectly complemented by the Netsation String or Netsation Panty, both featuring a comfortable satin waistband – guaranteed to be your favorite lingerie ensemble for everyday wear.
The gently shaping Netsation Control Panty, Netsation Forming Top and Netsation Forming String Body feature both a high-quality trendy look and exceptional comfort in addition to contouring. This combination makes these items the ideal shapewear for the hotter months of the year. However, these styles can be worn as more than just underwear: The String Body and Forming Top can also take over the (lead) role as part of a trendy layered look.
All Netsation items can be combined perfectly with Sheer Touch items from the essentials line, available in black and white.

Fine Lines, Delicate Leaves and Tendrils: Leafage Lingerie Plays with Geometric Patterns and Eptomises Delicate Femininity

Leafage Top

Leafage Top

The lingerie items from the Leafage range have a modern, simple cut and a fine, sheer base material upon which the beautiful organic foliage pattern constructed of fine lines really comes into its own. Austrian embroidery meets soft tulle. The result: delicate femininity with a very modern look and feel.
Wonderfully light and subtle – the non-wired Leafage Triangle Bra whose straps can be worn straight, in a racerback, or halterneck style. It matches the Leafage String Panty, the Leafage Tanga and Leafage Panty – all equally luxurious.
For the perfect silhouette, try the Leafage Forming Top that gently sculpts the waist and stomach and radiates sensuousness with its fantastic shaping function. The Leafage Forming Dress shapes the waist, stomach, hips, bottom and thighs and is also wonderfully comfortable and light.

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Netsation Skin Bra: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/69692.zip

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Netsation Panty: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/69695.zip

Netsation Control Panty: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/69696.zip

Netsation Forming Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/59935.zip

Netsation Forming String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/79107.zip

Leafage String Panty: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/69699.zip

Leafage Tanga: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/69700.zip

Leafage Panty: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/69701.zip

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