Elegance and natural femininity unite

  • Influenced by the bohemian flair of the Seventies
  • Bold colour schemes and gold decorations make for visual treats
  • Chic material effects thanks to Wolford’s innovative knitting techniques

Extremely decorative styles which emphasise natural femininity dominate the summer 14 Ready-to-Wear collection from Wolford. The enchanting “bohemian chic” style is characterised by exciting details like jabots, ruffles and lace collars, as well as tribe-inspired items with a blaze of colour and glittering golden highlights. Matte and shimmering materials have been combined to create real fashion masterpieces. Materials such as tulle and double-layered mesh are also effectively presented.

A defining feature of the “Shirin” pullovers and “Shirin Dress” is the variable neckline created by fabulous tulle drapes. The generously sized collar can either fall loosely around the neck or be worn in a stylish Carmen off-the-shoulder style. Sheer tulle sleeves add even more elegance to the look. For special occasions this season we recommend the seamless knitted “Marchesa Pullover” with three-quarter length sleeves and a funky gem design around the neckline to add a touch of glamour. Another highlight is the flattering velvet-mix material.

If you’re looking for something even more exciting, why not select the “Yasmin String Body” as your new evening companion. The most striking things about this body are the diamanté embellishment and the elaborate floral design which reaches down to just above the waist. Decorative ribbon adorns the neckline and sleeve cuffs, contrasting with the classic mesh material. For the most stylish of outfits, try combining with elegant trousers or skirts.

Innovative knitting techniques for inspired designs
Inspiration from the 1920s is evident at Wolford with the knitted artwork of the “Josy” line, its lively design is bound to elevate your mood. The “Josy Skirt” features two overlapping layers of knitted pleated material, whilst the non-visible part is smoothly knitted to allow the skirt to hang wonderfully. Its light and airy viscose material is particularly ideal in summer. The same knitted technique features in the “Josy Dress”, the difference here is that a finely ribbed top is attached to the pleated skirt.
Another range characterised by its material is the “Panama” series, which features a wonderful mesh look created by layering fabrics. At the same time, the elasticated materials guarantee high comfort and also score points for being easy to care for. The “Panama Jacket”, a cropped cardigan with zip fastener looks great with the pencil style of the “Panama Skirt”, or the knee-length “Panama Dress”.

The charm of “bohemian chic” is evident in the “Meryl Pullover”, a stylish all-rounder. The slit neckline looks highly sophisticated crowned with more formal standing and waterfall collars. The “Meryl Dress” features a lavish-looking waterfall collar made from transparent georgette, used in conjunction with a wide neckline. Comfortable viscose-jersey ensures comfort and maintains its shape, whether it’s worn to the theatre, at dinner or in the office.
The mix of refined pleats at the waist, a small standing collar which can be adjusted for scarves, as well as a plunging neckline makes the “Asita Dress” an all-rounder for any event during the summer. Crêped viscose-jersey material gives the knee-length style a comfortable, floaty lightness.
For warm days the flowing, semi-transparent design of the “Aliek Blouse” looks especially fashionable worn in a loose tunic style with slim-leg trousers. The small standing collar is extremely eye-catching with its neck tie and generous slit neckline. Thanks to the extremely low-maintenance materials this blouse is a perfect addition to every wardrobe.

Knitted gold pieces in the colours of the rainforest
The gold and natural tones of the “Nadi” range are beautifully entwined, perfect for creating summery looks. The result is small knitted works of art, full of elegance and class. The design of the straight-cut “Nadi Cardigan” with three-quarter length sleeves is completed with a gold zip fastener, whilst the material’s natural elasticity ensures that both the light, sleeveless dress and the skirt are the perfect fit.
A unique treasure of the collection is the versatile “Mira Skirt”. The skirt features a gathered drapery design which can be worn in the centre or directly over the leg. Alternatively it can be restyled as a strapless top. The figure-shaping skirt can be worn with a Wolford belt as the gold interwoven material with elements of straw and hyacinth creates a real eye-catching look.

Lovers of stripes will enjoy the “Raya” line this season at Wolford, available in various exotic variations of brown, green and natural tones. The sleeveless “Raya Top” goes well with swinging skirts and also looks great with slim-fit trousers, whilst the “Raya Shirt” with boat neckline looks stylish with capri trousers or underneath a blazer. The play of rainforest colours looks especially attractive on the “Raya Dress”. Thanks to special knitting techniques, the dress can be worn on both sides to change which stripes of different widths appear lighter or darker.
Also in the “Luxor” range, a stripe-forming gold thread is responsible for a beautiful shimmering effect. The sleeveless and sporty “Luxor Top”, “Luxor Pullover” with three-quarter length sleeves and the “Luxor Shirt” all combine soft brown and green tones in a classic tailored fit. The summery elegant colours, however, create an alternative to the cliché styles on the high street. They will always look fashionable, whether worn in your free time or in a business environment.

For the ultimate eye-catcher the “Simin” range features small sequins in various metallic colours. Just like a chain they line up around the neckline of the seamless “Simin Pullover” to effectively accentuate the chest area. The “Simin String Body” is contrastingly decorated with sequins around a wide collar, underneath which feature two transparent stripes that beautifully shape the neckline. Both styles are made with velvet-mix material to ensure tender loving care for the skin.

The Flower Power of the 70s
The full splendour of floral knitted art unfolds this summer with the impressive “Nahla” range which is unmistakeably reminiscent of the flower-power style of the 70s. The sleeveless “Nahla String Body” enchants with transparent areas around the shoulder and neckline region, whilst the “Nahla Shirt” radiates feminine elegance thanks to its plunging neckline. The “Nahla Top” looks especially lovely thanks to an elaborate lace design outlined by stitching to add vibrancy. Create the perfect summer outfit by combining with a pencil skirt and suitable belt from the Wolford collection to highlight your feminine shape.
The knee-length “Nahla Dress” with three-quarter length sleeves also radiates style. In addition to the generous neckline the silhouette is enhanced by the slightly firmer material. Completing the range is the “Nahla Skirt” in a classic pencil style with a lace design and flesh-tone satin underlining, reminiscent of haute couture. Again, the threaded outline ensures every leaf and flower stands out.

Finally, the “Sira” range completes the collection, a truly versatile line with a lace design perfect for summer outfits, as well as festive evening wear. At the neckline and sleeves the dainty floral style is complemented by decorative ribbon. Or perhaps opt for the short-sleeved “Sira Shirt” and “Sira Pullover” with three-quarter length sleeves, two items which are perfect for creating feminine, contrasting styles.


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Shirin Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59747.zip

Shirin Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59748.zip

Marchesa Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/58210.zip

Yasmin String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/79071.zip


Josy Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59771.zip

Josy Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59772.zip

Panama Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59779.zip

Panama Jacket: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59778.zip

Panama Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59777.zip


Meryl Dress : http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59746.zip

Meryl Pullover : http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59745.zip

Asita Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59749.zip

Aliek Blouse: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59743.zip


Nadi Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59755.zip

Nadi Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59754.zip

Nadi Cardigan: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59753.zip

Mira Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/58213.zip

Raya Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59765.zip

Raya Shirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59766.zip

Raya Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59767.zip

Luxor Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59770.zip

Luxor Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59768.zip

Luxor Shirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59769.zip

Simin Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/58211.zip

Simin String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/78247.zip

Nahla String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/78248.zip

Nahla Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59758.zip

Nahla Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59759.zip

Nahla Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/58217.zip

Sira Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59757.zip

Sira Shirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss14/trend/59756.zip


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