Elegant and Feminine as a Layer or on Its Own: Net and Sheer Tulle Set New Trends This Summer

  • Items in the Leafage and Netsation lines offer a diverse range of bodywear and lingerie, also with a shaping function
  • Legwear provides plenty of variations on the net theme
  • Available in stores starting April 2016

Layering is a hot fashion tip for all seasons especially in the summer. Airy, sheer and light items featuring net or decorated sheer tulle from the Wolford Summer 2016 collection are ideal for a unique layered look. These must-haves will not just be wardrobe staples during the summer but can also be combined with other items in the range or with opaque tops in the cooler months of the year. The outfit acquires a particularly extravagant look when different types and sizes of net are confidently teamed with one another for a statement layered look that not everyone can pull off. However, the styles made from net or sheer tulle can also be worn alone as luxurious and very special items that offer exceptional comfort and an extraordinary look.

Netsation Skin Bra

Netsation Skin Bra

Net, up Close and Personal: Netsation Lingerie Teams Futuristic Design with a High Level of Comfort and a Gently Shaping Effect
Netsation lingerie items combine high-quality, all-over Sheer Touch fabric with elastic net in a very modern way. In addition to their futuristic design, they also offer exceptional comfort, with their super-soft material closely hugging the Skin.
The Netsation Skin Bra is a modern bra without underwiring that appeals due to its summery cool chic. Its 12 mm wide straps are adjustable. It is perfectly complemented by the Netsation String or Netsation Panty, both featuring a comfortable satin waistband – guaranteed to be your favorite lingerie ensemble for everyday wear.
The gently shaping Netsation Control Panty, Netsation Forming Top and Netsation Forming String Body feature both a high-quality trendy look and exceptional comfort in addition to contouring. This combination makes these items the ideal shapewear for the hotter months of the year. However, these styles can be worn as more than just underwear: The String Body and Forming Top can also take over the (lead) role as part of a trendy layered look.
All Netsation items can be combined perfectly with Sheer Touch items from the Essentials line, available in black and white.

Leafage Forming Dress

Leafage Forming Dress

Fine Lines, Delicate Leaves and Tendrils: Leafage Lingerie Plays with Geometric Patterns and Exudes Feminine Lightness
The lingerie models from the Leafage range have a modern, simple cut and a fine, sheer base material upon which the beautiful organic foliage pattern constructed of fine lines really comes into its own. Austrian embroidery meets soft tulle. The result: delicate femininity with a very modern look and feel.
Wonderfully light and subtle – the non-wired Leafage Triangle Bra whose straps can be worn straight, in a racerback, or halterneck style. It matches the Leafage String Panty, the Leafage Tanga and Leafage Panty – all equally luxurious.
For the perfect silhouette, try the Leafage Forming Top that gently sculpts the waist and stomach and gives off a sensual appearance with its fantastic shaping function. The Leafage Forming Dress shapes the waist, stomach, hips, bottom and thighs and is also wonderfully comfortable and light.

Netsation Bodywear: A New Dimension to Layering
Netsation Bodywear feature a high-quality seamless knit, exceptional comfort and a trendy look. Their honeycomb net makes them an on-trend eye-catcher.
The Netsation Top with its elegant pattern guarantees fashionista credentials whether you wear it as a solo item or as part of an outfit. The Netsation Pullover features a striking, looser-weave net pattern for a fashion piece with a particularly extravagant look.
The Netsation Cardigan adds a sporty look: The cardigan combines the sporty elements of a hoodie – a hood, full-length zip and ribbed cuffs – with fine net material. The Netsation Cardigan is cotton-rich and therefore light and very comfortable.
These bodywear items are available in porcelaine and black.

Tuck Top

Tuck Top

Striking, Diagonal, Curved: The Tuck String Body and Tuck Top
The long-sleeved Tuck String Body and sleeveless Tuck Top are fully sheer items made from the finest tulle that feels light and airy against the skin. Fine diagonal lines on the front are particularly eye-catching. An elegant finish on the seams rounds off the high-quality look of this must-have item. The body and top are available in porcelaine, flamingo and black.

Feminine, Stylish and Innovative: Leafage Bodywear
The four Leafage bodywear items look great when teamed with Leafage lingerie. They are also covered with a delicate, organic tendril design on a sheer base. In terms of elegant femininity, this design can hardly be topped.
Whether it’s worn as outerwear or underwear, the Leafage items offer plenty of opportunities for combinations in the hotter months of the year and are stylish staples for the summery layered look – including the short-sleeved Leafage Shirt or the long-sleeved Leafage Pullover. The Leafage Top features a modern and very sporty racerback cut, creating an exciting contrast with the feminine tendril design. Whether it’s worn as a solo item, as outerwear or underwear, the Leafage Top guarantees an eye-catching appearance.
The Leafage Skirt is also an unusual take on the standard idea of a skirt. Here, too, the sleek cut creates an exciting contrast with the feminine tendril design. Paired with a single-color half-slip, the Leafage Skirt becomes an absolute fashion highlight and proves that the layered look doesn’t have to be limited to tops alone. Worn as a sensuous lingerie half-slip, this feminine item shows that its wearer is anything but ordinary. All Leafage models are available in dusty coral and black.

Legwear Shakes Things up with Net and Tendril Designs
The net theme is traditionally associated with legwear – and is highly versatile: The Wolford collection for summer 2016 has the right item for every taste.

Kaylee Tights

Kaylee Tights

Netsation Tights, Netsation Stay-Ups and Netsation Socks have a cool, fine net honeycomb pattern and give every outfit a touch of feminine extravagance. A seamless panty section in the Netsation Tights prevents them from showing under close-fitting clothing whilst the soft waistband increases the comfort. The legwear Netsation styles really come into their own when combined with coordination net Lingerie.
By contrast, Madeline Tights and Madeline Knee-Highs have a looser-weave even honeycomb pattern. Their panty sections are also seamless, which makes these items invisible under tight clothing and the fine net in the toe provides perfect comfort. Whether they’re worn alone or combined with other Netsation net items for

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Tuck String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/79105.zip

Tuck Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/59929.zip

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Netsation Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/19174.zip

Netsation Stay-Up: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/21594.zip

Netsation Socks: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/41536.zip

Madeline Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/19173.zip

Madeline Knee-Highs: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/31555.zip

Kaylee Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/19172.zip

Judith Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/19175.zip

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