Essential tights from Wolford: glamour for your legs

  • Mesh, merino or cotton: timeless, gorgeous tights for every season
  • Available in a wide range of skin tones for a make-up effect
  • Shape and support functions to flatter your legs

The wide range of hosiery at Wolford enables you to wear tights all year round. Their chic appearance, soft feel, exquisite comfort and diverse palette of skin tones combine to make them a cut above the rest. Transparent, ultra-transparent and mesh tights are perfect for those warmer months of the year. For cooler temperatures opt for semi-transparent or opaque, as well as natural fibre ranges such as silk, merino wool or cotton. Supportive tights complete the collection – they not only shape your legs but also flatter your stomach, hips, bottom and thighs.

Mesh tights such as the “Twenties Tights” are a classic, feminine design also available in stay-up or knee-high versions. Their delicate pattern draws attention to the legs, whilst the seamless finish guarantees optimal comfort. For even more variety, try out the new colours issued each season. Since the mesh pattern covers the entire leg right up to the toe, the Twenties Tights look fabulous with open-toed shoes, particularly in summer. The same goes for the classy design of the “Sixty-Six Tights”, which add something special to any outfit, any time of the year.

Make-up for your legs
In order to enjoy this style beyond the summer, Wolford also offers a variety of shades to match your skin tone all year round, which refine the legs for a flawless appearance – in the same way as your make-up. Within the range of tights and stay-up classics from the Basic collection, you’ll find a broad range of flesh tones with concealing effects, such as the almost invisible “Sheer Tights 15”. Or the airy “Luxe 9 Tights”, perfect for summer occasions and also available without underlining at the toes or toeless (new for summer 2014).  It doesn’t matter which you choose, both versions look stylish worn with open-toed shoes.

The seamless “Fatal 15 Seamless Stay-Up” tights in powder tones are ideal for wearing underneath tight-fitting clothing.

Unbelievable comfort in low temperatures
For cooler months Wolford recommends the “Fatal 50 Seamless Tights”, particularly because of their seamless panty section and matte finish, making them perfect for wearing underneath tighter clothing. Additionally, the tights can be worn either at the waist or on the hips thanks to their high elasticity.

The “Velvet De Luxe 66 Tights” have an equally matte finish but also possess a velvety soft feel due to the velvet yarn content and generally durable material. Another reason why no wardrobe should be without these tights is the wide variety of colours available to suit each season.

Elegant and soft to the touch, the “Cotton Velvet Tights” can be combined with a fashionable skirt or classic attire to create a real visual treat. The high cotton content guarantees not only unrivalled comfort but also longevity thanks to their durable fibres.

Climate control with merino tights
The finest merino wool ensures smooth luxury for your legs, especially on cold winter days. Femininity and optimum comfort are the main focus. As wool absorbs a lot of moisture, it’s important for it to be able to evaporate again in order to balance the temperature of the skin and keep you feeling good. The range includes “Merino Tights”, “Merino Rib Tights”, “Fine Merino Rib Tights” and “Fine Merino Tights, as well as “Fine Merino Rib Legwarmers” and “Merino Leggins”.

In terms of high-quality materials and comfort, the “Cashmere Silk Tights” fulfil the highest standards: fine cashmere wool is knitted with silk to create the ultimate comfort and visual excellence for your legs.

Shape and control effects
Discover 22 products in the Wolford Shape & Control section which all feature support zones and range from 10 to 100 denier. In addition to supporting the legs, Wolford offer shape and control tights for the stomach, hips, thighs and bottom, categorised by “light”, “medium” and “strong”. Wolford also ensures maximum comfort by keeping your everyday leg movements in mind.

The thick “Individual 100 Leg Support Tights”, for example, prevent premature fatigue in the legs thanks to a special knitting technique which guarantees comfort throughout the day. The knitted reinforced heels not only ensure a perfect fit in the heel area, but also create targeted compression. The same principle appears with the “light” and semi-transparent “Synergy 50 Leg Support Tights” which feature a slight pearl shimmer design.

In contrast, the “Synergy 20 Push-Up Tights” focus on the bottom, which is supported by means of an integrated panty section with a push-up effect. The stomach, as well as the hips and thighs, are also firmly shaped.
The “Satin Touch 20 Leg Support Tights” add a touch of luxury to your outfit. They not only shape the legs to perfection, but their feminine detailing also creates an incredibly stylish appearance.

If you’re searching for matte and transparent tights to slightly support the stomach and bottom, look no further than the “Individual 10 Leg Support Tights” which are perfect for wearing underneath tight-fitting clothing.
Among the functional classics are the “Miss W 30 Leg Support Tights” with shaping panties and ideal distribution of pressure to ensure maximum support. A must-have for all women who look for comfort and a flawless appearance.


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Fine Merino Tights:

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