Legs wrapped in Swarovski: this year’s luxury holiday gift

As the old adage goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Or in this case, something lustrous and luxurious like Swarovski elements. But they don’t have to be draped on our wrists or decorating our fingers. The most luxurious trend for women at the moment are tights accented with just that little hint of shimmer. The holidays are just around the corner and in addition to holiday shopping, we need to get that perfect dress to impress at all the Christmas and New Years’ Eve parties. If you’re looking for the perfect dress accessory, never underestimate the tights to give you that extra wow factor, especially if they’re accented with Swarovski elements.

Wolford features two pairs of must-have tights this season with fabulously eye-catching Swarovski accents. Who can forget the Limited Edition Tights of last season with metallic circle detailing enveloping Swarovski elements? This year’s collection plays with more delicate and dainty accents, the perfect edition to any holiday outfit that brings just the right touch of extravagance.

luxury tights swarovski

Any girl, including myself, would be over the moon to wake up to these under their tree Christmas morning: the Cara Tights are sheer black tights with over 700 Swarovski elements applied by hand all the way up to the knee. They’re perfect for that solid colored cocktail dress, whether it be a simple black or a rich red or emerald green. The great thing about these luxurious tights is the shimmering look they give off in the light: spin around, cross your legs, strut across a room and instantly grab attention with the subtle luster of the Cara Tights.

luxury tights swarovski

That’s the thing about Swarovski Elements: less is more and you don’t need to overdo it to make a big statement. Wolford also proposes this season the Tiara Tights, soft, opaque tights with a band of beads and Swarovski Elements at the top of the foot for a shoe strap effect. If you’re rocking the little black dress or simply feel less than enthused with your simple pair of pumps, add that little extra something with the Tiara Tights.

luxury tights swarovski

What’s a better stocking stuffer this year than a pair of Wolford tights with Swarovski Elements? The luxurious holiday dress accent that brings you right through the winter for that special night on the town.