Legwear as Multifaceted as The Modern Woman: The 2016 Wolford Summer Collection Presents Femininity in All Its Facets

  • New products featuring shimmer, stripes, net and floral designs
  • Innovative materials Nude 8 and Pure 10 supplement the essentials collection

The many facets of todays self-assured woman, who is fully aware of her own femininity and continues to reinterpret it, is at the heart of Wolfords summer collection. The legwear collection is therefore offering a number of options to highlight this femininity in minimalist, modern and luxurious ways in summer 2016 both with new summer essentials and on-trend legwear with the glamor factor, sporty yet feminine stripes, sheer floral patterns or stunning net designs.

Pure 10 Tights

Pure 10 Tights

Nude 8 and Pure 10: Two Innovative Materials Enrich the Essentials Collection
Two highly innovative materials that are perfectly suited to warmer weather bring new life to Wolford’s essentials collection in summer 2016.
The sheer Nude 8 Tights, Nude 8 Knee Highs and Nude 8 Socks are all perfect for the summer, providing an unparalleled sheer quality that makes them practically invisible – almost like a second skin. These models are like make-up for your legs with their variety of skin tones, giving your legs a smooth, natural and even appearance. They have a wide, soft, comfortable waistband or cuffs for unique comfort. Thanks to the unreinforced toes – sandal toes – they are also ideal for wearing with open-toed shoes. They are available in six nude shades as well as classic black.
The Pure 10 Tights are another innovation: These extremely thin and sheer tights are so light that they’ll take you to new levels of comfort. They are the first bonded 10 denier tights in the world and are the softest tights on the market thanks to their extremely fine fibers. Thanks to their bonded seams, they won’t show under your clothing.

Glitz, Glamor and a Statement: Breathtaking Legwear with Feminine Appeal
Why not make your legs the focus of your outfit and add a touch of glamor? Unusual and subtle, the opaque Stardust Tights

Love Stay-Up

Love Stay-Up

guarantee an unbeatable look with their soft, shimmering silver threads, creating an exquisite shimmer on your legs and showing them in their best light. There’s no compromise on comfort for this style either: They are wonderfully light and soft and have a comfortable knitted waistband. If you prefer leggings, try the Stardust Leggings.
Paris Tights – chic à la française: Even the name conjures up the image of the easy-going, casual and elegant style of Frenchwomen. The Paris Tights sparkle with 36 Swarovski crystals, applied up the center of the back of the legs by hand in Austria. The French look is completed by the Havana heel that stylishly peeks out of high heels and draws the eye to the ankle, while the comfortable, soft knitted waistband guarantees great comfort.
You’ll be turning heads with the Waves Leggings and Waves Tights: Their two-tone, repeating wave design is suitable for a range of occasions and is testament to the wearer’s fashion credentials. Furthermore, Waves Leggings boast fantastic comfort too. They are made without a gusset and feature a comfortable, soft knitted waistband. Their seamless panty section won’t show under tight clothing. The seam runs up the inside leg. A quirky look that’s simple, versatile and comfortable – the Waves Leggings and Waves Tights have what it takes to become your new favorites.
The Waves design is also available in mini: The Waves Socks add a trendy touch to any outfit thanks to their unusual wave design, while their comfortable, soft knitted cuffs ensure exceptional comfort.
The sheer Love Tights and Love Stay Ups are real statement pieces that will have all eyes on you. They offer a new twist on the classic back seam design. The classic seam runs up the back of the legs, forming the words “Love is enough” on the left leg. As well as this bold statement, the comfortable, wide, soft knitted waistband promises great comfort and great durability.
A high fashion trend, translated into a simple, comfortable model – the opaque Velour Leggings. Their stunning suede look is combined with fabulous comfort: They are very stretchy, are made without a gusset and the seam runs up the inside of the leg. The tailored hem can be shortened if desired. The best part is that they are machine-washable too. The Velour Leggings are available in taupe grey and black.

Rahel Knee Highs

Rahel Knee Highs

Sporty Stripes with a Feminine Twist
A sporty striped design and chic femininity: The sheer, matt Leah Tights combine the two. A contrasting seam runs up the back of the leg to stay-up height and ends in a two-tone striped band that looks almost as if it had been painted on. A wide, soft waistband ensures increased durability This model is available up to size XL.
Also featuring the casual stripe theme: Leah Knee-Highs and Leah Socks. For these items, the seam ends in a two-tone striped band that runs directly below the knitted cuffs.
All Leah models are available in the gobi/white flame, gobi/black blue and black/black tar.
The sheer Rahel tights also play with the theme of stripes: The two-tone stipes in different widths on the outside of the leg give any look a sporty, dynamic touch with a feminine twist. The design is also reflected in the Rahel Stay-Ups and Rahel Socks, paired here with knitted cuffs in a contrasting color. The Leah items are available in gobi/stripes and black/stripes.

Net Design or Floral Pattern: Special Legwear for an Extravagant Look

Kaylee Tights

Kaylee Tights

Leafage Tights play with the feminine foliage theme: Opaque organic tendrils on a sheer background encircle the leg like beautiful vines. This extremely feminine design really comes into its own when teamed with simple outfits. The Leafage tights team up perfectly with the Leafage models from the lingerie collection. They are available in the colors black and tar.
Kaylee Tights have an extreme take on classic fishnet. Their very loosely woven design could not be more extravagant. The toe area features finer net for optimal comfort and the waistband is comfortably soft. This model is available in white, clove, dark orchid and black.
Netsation Tights, Netsation Stay-Ups and Netsation Socks have a cool, fine net honeycomb pattern and give every outfit a touch of feminine extravagance. A seamless panty section prevents them from showing under close-fitting clothing whilst the soft waistband increases the comfort. The legwear Netsation styles really come into their own when combined with coordinating net lingerie.

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Rahel Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/14516.zip

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Leafage Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/14521.zip

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Netsation Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/19174.zip

Netsation Stay-Up: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/ss16/products/21594.zip

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