Natural Beauty: The Eternal Dilemma Of Chic Women

Being a natural beauty means following your inner self and opting for clothing options that best suit your nature, whether it’s more neutral or glamorous.

There is nothing more enigmatic than natural beauty. In fact, many of us continuously wonder what it actually means being naturally beautiful. Does it imply showing your body as it is, without wearing make-up or dying your hair? Or being natural means opting for a style that is all about neutral colors without any provocative features? The truth is that there isn’t a precise answer as being a natural beauty is highly subjective. Being natural means being true to yourself and following your inner nature. Being yourself is the key. You might like wearing make-up and dressing in red, or you might not, what is important is that if you feel like doing it.


Wolford helps unveiling your natural beauty by creating clothing that combines simple lines, luxurious fabrics and a variety of colors that would match personal preferences of all women. Starting from its large collection of bodysuits. Pure Body features a simple and modern look, while making you feel extremely comfortable thanks to the soft and light viscose material. If you prefer to add a more feminine touch to your bodysuit, then you can look into other options, such as Lilie String Body: its seductive lines, wide neckline and delicate lace will give a sexy touch to your look.

If you love wearing classics, but would like to add a surprise feature, then you could look into Image String Body. An opaque front of this string body hides a transparent design at the back that certainly won’t get you unnoticed. If your inner nature calls for a more glamorous look, then Darleene String Body is for you: a transparent insert at the front, surrounded by black sequins create a star look that you can show off at a night party or during a fancy dinner. In case you want to add a sparkling touch to your glamorous look, then Silk Crystal String Body is just what you are looking for. The semi-sheer material feels particularly soft, while a row of Swarovski elements around the neckline creates a magical and sparkling effect that will leave everyone speechless.

Revealing your inner beauty has never been as natural as it is now. Follow your instincts and wear what makes you feel true to yourself.


– yuliya