Publication pursuant to Section 93 Para. 2 Stock Exchange Act 1989 for the Purpose of Europe-wide Dissemination

Wolford AG (registered under FN 68605s with the company registry at the Feldkirch Regional Court)
Wolfordstraße 1
6900 Bregenz

Publication pursuant to Section 93 Para. 2 Stock Exchange Act 1989 for the Purpose of Europe-wide Dissemination

Details of the person subject to the disclosure requirement:

Name: Ralph Bartel
Residence: Ascona
State: Switzerland

Details of Issuer:

Name: Wolford AG
Address: Wolfordstraße 1, 6900 Bregenz
Registered office: Bregenz
State: Austria

Bregenz, September 19, 2013. Pursuant to sec. 93 para. 2 Austrian Stock Exchange Act 1989 the Executive Board of Wolford Aktiengesellschaft, Bregenz, announces to have been notified, pursuant to Section 92a, para 1 Stock Exchange Act 1989, by Ralph Bartel on September 17, 2013 as follows:

„I, Ralph Bartel, resident in CH-6612 Ascona, Switzerland, hereby make the following announcement:

I am shareholder of Wolford AG, a stock corporation under the laws of the Republic of Austria with its registered office in Bregenz and its business address at A-6901 Bregenz, Wolfordstraße 1, registered in the company register of the regional court in Feldkirch under FN 68605s (‘Wolford’); with the voting rights announcement of July 4, 2012 I informed about the exceeding of the notification threshold of 20% (1,000,000 shares).

Due to transactions via the stock exchange and off-exchange acquisition of additional 268,804 shares of Wolford, I, Ralph Bartel, hold now a total of 1,268,804 shares, corresponding to approximately 25.38% of the voting rights; the notification threshold of 25% has been exceeded on 16 September, 2013.

Number of voting rights and percentage of voting rights

Ralph Bartel 1,268,804 25.38%

Chain of controlled companies through which voting rights can be effectively exercised

I am direct shareholder of Wolford AG.

Date of exceeding the notification threshold

September 16, 2013

Name of shareholder and of person entitled to exercise voting rights on behalf of the shareholder

Ralph Bartel, CH-6612 Ascona, Switzerland. I am directly entitled to exercise the voting rights.

I send a notification with the same content to the Financial Market Authority (FMA) and to Wiener Börse AG.“

Bregenz, September 19, 2013

Issuer: Wolford Aktiengesellschaft
Wolfordstraße 1
A-6900 Bregenz

Further inquiry note: Investor Relations
Phone: +43 (0) 5574 690 1268
Fax: +43 (0) 5574 690 1219
Industry: textile
ISIN: AT0000834007
Index: ATX Prime, ATX Global Players
Stock Exchange: Vienna Stock Exchange (Prime Market), Frankfurt (OTC segment), New York (ADR level 1)
Language: English