Seductive Play with Contrasts

  • Exciting texture- and colour mix in the Ready-to-Wear Collection for Autumn/Winter 13/14
  • Structured military-inspired & biker look meet feminine design
  • Lace look revamped

Wolford’s Ready-to-Wear Collection for Autumn/Winter 13/14 presents an unexpected texture and colour combination. In addition to a variety of styles in Lace Look, available in both two-tone and also with embossed lace trim or knitted-in jewelry decor, the biker and military-inspired styles offer a complete, yet fashionable contrast. Altogether the sense of suspense of this collection is relaxed by elegance and a feminine design.

If in the coming Winter season the combination of severity with femininity is particularly recognizable in Wolford styles, then this is most obvious in the „Officer“ and „Merina“ Series. On the one hand the main attributes of the „Officer Jacket“ are its decorative dividing seams, epaulettes and impressive row of silver buttons, on the other its optimal cut not only accentuates the figure to its best advantage, but thanks to the stretch viscose fabric, this fully-lined model also enables complete freedom of movement.

The „Officer Coat“ with its soft  lines is also inspired by classical military tailoring, whereby the epaulettes adorned with silver buttons and the prominent tie-belt add a fine dosage of elegant correctness to the smart feminine style. Furthermore the wool-mix of this wrap coat ensures a cozy, comfortable fit on colder days, too.
Together with the „Officer Gaiter“ from the latest Accessories Collection, the Officer-Look presents an entire series of interesting styling possibilities, variable from seductively-severe, classically-timeless to purely luxurious.

The ideal pieces to complement both jackets are the „Merina Pullover“ with roll-neck or the „Merina Cardigan“ with three-quarter sleeves in classic rib. Eye-catching grosgrain ribbon facings on the pockets, cuffs and button-band as well as silver metal buttons provide an attractive contrast to the overall puristically-simple design. As an alternative there is a choice from either the slim-cut „Merina Skirt“ or the „Merina Dress“ with matching belt. Discreet highlights on both models are the silver buttons and grosgrain ribbon.

High-Tech meets rocking High-Fashion
For those who prefer the „tougher“ look when putting together their wardrobe, the „Racer Trousers“ are a must for the coming Winter season. Featuring dividing seams, eye-catching zipper pockets and press-stud adjusting fasteners at the sides, these slim-cut trousers in viscose jersey are based on the earthy look of biker chic. The „coolness“ factor is accentuated by a wide belt from the current Accessories Collection („Racer Belt“).
When combined with the high-neck, half-transparent georgette blouse („Darlene Blouse“) the effect created is the ultimate counterpart to the biker chic look – an effect that particularly highlights the deliberate play with contrasts.

Slightly less rocker but instead a breath of daring glamour is the figure-hugging „Ronda Dress“, whose metal-stud appliqués pleasantly and extravagantly differentiate this model from the classic „little black dress“. Sleeves and hem are slightly flared to accentuate femininity. In combination with the latest accessories such as „Ronda Gaiter“ and legwear fashion the result is an outfit that radiates „cool “.

In the „Metal Lace“ styles, however, a touch of the 80s glam rock era can be  found under the motto „hard meets soft“: while on the „Metal Lace Pullover“ a metal-stud motif in lace-look is effectively applied to the soft velvet-mix fabric. The studs on the „Metal Lace Dress“ are just as effectively arranged around the neckline. The soft and comfortable jersey fabric guarantees a first-class fit each and every day.

Lace look in top form
One of the most beautiful new interpretations of the lace look can be found again this Winter in Wolford’s „Magic“ Line in which a variety of lace patterns are knitted into the soft velvet-mix fabric. This special combination captivates by its timeless elegance and helps every outfit create an uncompromisingly feminine appearance.

On the seamless models „Magic Body“ and „Magic Pullover“ the decorative band around the neckline harmonizes perfectly with the opulent lace pattern running down the front and along the sleeves, while on the similarly seamless-knit „Magic Dress“ the pattern is also repeated along the front and back. The line is completed by „Magic Skirt“ which when worn with cozy warm tights is the ideal choice for making a stylish entrance on cold winter days. In addition to the eye-catching lace motifs the slight flare at the hem of this mini-skirt has a “swinging” appeal.

Noticeable among the classic lace styles is the seamless „Valencienne String Body“, ideal for combining with the latest legwear and accessories. The semi-transparent sleeves and the transparent decolleté surrounded by an opulent lace trim, make this elegant thong body the perfect choice for very special occasions.

In contrast the lavish ornamental filigree lace on the „Victorienne“ styles is more delicate. „Victorienne“ is available optionally as either thong body or top. When combined with classic pieces both are capable of adding a highly feminine note.

The „Bouquet“ Line creates the feeling of wearing a bouquet of flowers next to the skin through the lightly raised floral lace patterns embossed on the transparent net of these styles. Whether the preference is for thong body, pullover or dress with tone-in-tone lining, the feminine silhouette is effectively enhanced.

Reptile Designs for the extroverted-creative look
All ladies who enjoy presenting themselves with an air of self-confidence or who wish to add a touch of creativity to their wardrobes have a choice in this Winter’s Ready-to-Wear collection between coloured snakeskin- or classic black crocodile print.

In addition to its striking pattern, the seamless-knit „Rattle String Body“ dominates by its generously-cut neckline and the attractive two-tones of the snakeskin print. The „Rattle Shirt“ also doesn’t go unnoticed – whether worn on its own or under a blazer or cardigan – it guarantees attracting special attention.

If required, further models with snakeskin motifs are available in this collection: in the legwear sector („Rattle Tights“), from Accessories („Rattle Belt“) as well as elbow-length net gloves („Rattle Gloves“) or a scarf out of flowing satin-silk („Rattle Scarf“) in three different shades.

A real eye-catcher among the Croc Models is the cleverly knitted-in crocodile-skin pattern, meanwhile the peplum jacket with narrow waist and continuous zipper down the front perfectly complements the shape of the Pencil-Skirt creating an attractive alternative to the classic look.
But when worn on their own the Croco-Skirt and the Croco-Jacket also score highly, not only by the originality of their striking look but through their stylish elegance – making them fully recommended  to serve as basic-models for a number of different styling variations.


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