Sexy means showing some skin: how much is too much?

Leave a little bit to the imagination, it’s sexier. It’s the phrase our mothers have been telling us ever since we caught our first glimpse of the movie stars splashed all over the TV and magazines and had an overwhelming urge to mirror their style. As our mothers, our caretakers, they have an obvious bias. It’s their desperate attempt to keep us little girls wearing Crinoline dresses that fall from the chest, and patent leather shoes with frilly socks. But then we get to the age when we ask the dreaded question: Was my mother right?

I fought my mother tooth and nail growing up. Our classic mother daughter outing was going to the mall and then coming home in a screaming match because I always wanted to dress in something that was not “age appropriate.” I’m not sure what I was in such a hurry for, but it was something that I came to understand with time. Even my first night out dancing at 18 was a disaster wardrobe-wise. I went over the top with the most ridiculously revealing dress I could buy. I cringe to think of it now, but I eventually became older and wiser. It’s not about how much skin you show, but rather how you cleverly accentuate your most appealing features.


I’ve always been a fan of form fitting clothing, but of course, everything in moderation. Even the most slender girl can ruin her figure in clothes that are far too tight. Get clothes that fit properly, even opt for those that have subtle form sculpting powers like Wolford’s Body Collection that is a mix of functional elegance. A form hugging body suit is always a nice touch and is a great basic that can be paired with anything. I’ve always found too that a top that accentuates the shoulders or has a plunging back, brings attention to those body parts that we tend to overlook when we think about what’s “sexy.”

And as with most things, everything in moderation. If you are flaunting a bit up top, try to cover up down below and vice versa. And even in that case, take a moment to think about it: shirts that are open to our belly buttons are not necessarily the essence of sex appeal, and shorts that look like they could be underwear are more tasteless than they are appealing. Instead, a pencil skirt that hugs your curves tightly still shows enough without going overboard and (dare I say it and sound like my mother), it leaves a bit to the imagination.

So as the weather gets warmer and the layers start to shed, keep it cool, elegant and classy:

“Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt, but chooses not to show it.”


– heather