Sparkling Swarovski Crystals and Shimmering Lurex Effects: Wolford Celebrates Christmas with a New Collection Full of Glamorous Highlights. We Wish You a Sparkling Christmas!

Whether its Christmas cocktails, New Years Eve or a New Years reception gatherings over the festive period seem to come one after another. Why not take center stage during the holidays? Wolford tops the glitziest time of the year with the Shinecollection: Elegant tights, luxurious lingerie and specially selected fashion highlights, which bring together high glamour and absolute comfort.

A Glittering Look for the Legs

Stardust Tights

Stardust Tights

Glamour Thats out of This World: Stardust Tights with Shimmering Lurex Effect
Midnight black refined with an elegant golden shimmer – these tights are a real gem and the magic ingredient for instant glamour. Whether you combine them with a festive cocktail dress or as an addition to a classic pencil skirt, Stardust Tights, with their glittering thread, transform every outfit into a soirée show-stopper at the speed of light. In addition to the stardust effect, the extra-soft and lightweight trendsetting tights sparkle with another feature: Fantastic comfort, thanks to the supple knitted waistband. Plus: This shining star of an item is now also available as leggings.

A New Dimension to Net Tights: Comet Tights with Swarovski Crystals
Make an entrance! A particularly exclusive embellishment adorns these elegant net tights: 60 glistening Swarovski crystals incorporated into the lacy design add a sparkle to your every movement. Do you want to glitter on the dance floor or shimmer at a champagne reception? Comet Tights featuring crystals applied by hand are a brilliant achievement in every sense. The crystals end at stay-up height, ensuring a comfortable feel. Thanks to the seamless panty section, the tights remain invisible even under a slinky stretch dress.

Vive la Nuit: Paris Tights with a Line of Sparkling Swarovski Crystals

Paris Tights

Paris Tights

What could be more glamorous than the classic black seam? An elegant, glittering line, which runs along the length of the leg. Voilà! The back of the Paris Tights are decorated by hand with 36 Swarovski crystals, ensuring that every departure is as dazzling as your arrival. Simply spin around and let your legs twinkle! The Havana heel is particularly eye-catching. It creates the illusion of a slim ankle and works particularly well with black high heels as it accentuates the height of the heel. The extra-soft knitted waistband guarantees great comfort.

The Jewel: Aimee Tights with 430 Glittering Swarovski Crystals
Spot on! These tights are the highlight of the night and the jewel in the crown of every Outfit.
No need for accessories with these beautiful sheer tights, covered in Swarovski crystals that have been applied by hand. The legs are the center of attention – whether they’re in full view in a mini-dress or hidden away under a maxi skirt, a mysterious shimmer is revealed with every movement. Perfect for dancing the night away, the wide elastic knitted waistband means that Aimee Tights feel just as comfortable at dawn as if you had just slipped into them.

Filigra Lace Stocking

Filigra Lace Stocking

Oh-là-là: Filigra Lace Stockings with Genuine French Lace
Pure sensuality – these elegant, sheer stay-ups hide a secret that won’t be revealed to just anyone. They finish mid-thigh with a luxurious panel of genuine French lace, enticing you to take the look a step further. Pourquoi pas? Together with the Filigra Lace Stocking Belt and delicate lingerie from the same range, these suspenders are simply irresistible.

A Declaration of Love for Women: Love Tights and Love Stay Ups with Elegant Lettering
Watch out! The sheer tights from the Love range come with a lovely little surprise. From the front, you would suspect nothing, but from the back, the black back seam on one leg transforms into a peppy written message: “Love is enough”. An update on the classic back seam could hardly be more charming. Why not celebrate love with these tights? The Love design stay-ups are even more of a show-stopper.

Festive Finish: Glam Stay-ups with an Elegant Velvet Finish
The glamorous alternative to lace? The velvet bands are studded with tiny crystals. Glam Stay-ups are adorned with a gorgeous decorative band. Elegantly sheer up to the middle of the thigh, the true luxury of these suspenders is shown in the edging – and isn’t to be revealed to everyone. It doesn’t get more exclusive than this!

Lingerie That Makes Every Day a Reason to Celebrate

Dangerous Liaisons: The Filigra Lace Bra and Filigra Lace Dress Made from Sheer Lace

Filigra Lace Bra

Filigra Lace Bra

The connection between light Sheer Touch fabric and the finest French lace make these two highlights from the Filigra series hard to resist. Even for larger busts, the luxurious, lightly padded underwired bra creates an ideal shape and the especially thin, soft straps provide perfect comfort. The Filigra Lace Dress is a genuine all-rounder that elegantly combines the sensuality of lingerie and the advantages of shapewear. With beautiful lace at the top and fine stretch fabric that is figure-forming from the waist and features seamless hems that don’t show through, this chemise is a dream in every respect! The straps are even extra-soft, adjustable and detachable so that the Filigra Lace Dress can be worn directly over the bra without being able to see double straps. So simple, so sensual, so chic!

Shimmering Fashion Statements

Glamour to Go: Comet String Body and Comet Pullover with Glittering Swarovski Crystals
Feel the starry sky against your skin: The Comet series with its combination of the finest-knit net and Swarovski crystals applied by hand is a sensation, and perfect for transforming any outfit into a show-stopper. Whether it’s a slinky body or slim crew-neck jumper, the effect of over 200 crystals is the same: stunning, elegant and Oscar-worthy. When women wear Comet, they take their own spotlight with them.

Evening Star: The Kim String Body with Large Swarovski Crystal Pendant

Kim String Body

Kim String Body

This one-piece with modern halterneck is an exceptional highlight. The neckline is adorned with a large Swarovski crystal that outshines the whole outfit with its sparkle. There’s nothing more elegant when it comes to eveningwear. The pendant can be detached for daywear – what remains is an elegant, figure-hugging cut and the feeling of extra-soft viscose jersey material on the skin.

Highlight: Stardust Series with Delicate Gold Shimmer
Whether it’s a body with a double-sided neckline, a casual batwing jumper, a simple A-line skirt or a tiny seductive dress – the Stardust pieces all have one thing in common: The irresistible, golden shimmer effect provided by the finest Lurex threads. The highlight of the range is the Stardust Dress. A seamless tube dress that, just like the classic Wolford Fatal Dress, is a true all-rounder: evening dress, pencil skirt, mini skirt and tube top. Slip it on and take center stage! Is there anything more beautiful to celebrate than yourself?


Julie Necklace

Julie Necklace

Modern All-Rounder: Julie Necklace with Swarovski Crystals
One necklace, three items of jewelry – the Julie Necklace scores even more points with its elegant design and complete versatility. As the delicate elements are connected together with a small carabiner, the highlight item featuring Swarovski pendants can be transformed from a necklace into a bracelet or piece of hand jewelry. Be the queen of creativity – why not integrate it into hairstyles as a headpiece and outshine everyone? It’s finally time to shine!




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