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The outstanding quality of Wolford fashion has been pleasing style bloggers across the globe!

As quoted from fashion blogger Megan Barrow: “I would definitely recommend Wolford if you’re looking for a really high quality tight that’s sure to last for years to come.”, and Taylor Aube: “I am very impressed by the quality of these tights. They won’t run after three wears because they are made with incredible durability, yet still maintain their sexy appeal. It’s like sliding luxury up your thigh, both sensual and liberating.”

For some, it was their first Wolford item and they instantly fell in love. Style blogger Emilie Sobel fell in love with our Fatal 50 Tights: “Ever since I discovered the Fatal 50 Tights, I haven’t considered buying any other brand. These tights are not only comfortable and reliable, but sexy.”, NYC fashionista Sheryl Blasnik with our Zip Tights: “I recently received a pair of luxury “ZIP” tights. The back of these opaque tights features shiny metallic stripes down the center, designed to look just like zip fasteners. The soft, cozy velvet material makes them the perfect companion for stylish autumn and winter evenings.”, and personal style expert Laura Lily with our Pascale Tights: “I am a sucker for all things houndstooth including these Wolford tights. How cool right?”

For others, Wolford has been their go-to tights and hosiery brand for years. Offering a daily dose of style with her fashion diary, Kendra Gwendolyn quotes: “I’ve worn Wolford tights for years, and they remain hands down my favorite brand.”

From the words of style editor Angel Lenise: “There’s something to be said when a woman who likes to bear her legs is suddenly drawn to the idea of covering them up.”

We at Wolford want to thank you for the lovely reviews!

– danica

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