Summer in a nutshell

  • Light and airy stocking creations with attractive graphic patterns
  • Sock and laced boot effects ensure variation
  • Wide range of natural colours create make-up for your legs

Light and airy stocking creations in block colours or with graphic stripes, classic polka dot designs or floral patterns which put your legs in the limelight are the focus of summer 14 at Wolford. A variety of looks for your wardrobe are provided by laced-up boot or sock effects and extravagant animal prints. Glamorous models become the ultimate eye-catchers thanks to a range of sophisticated designs with decorative gemstones, studs or bold floral and mesh designs. The wide variety of skin tone shades available ensure that just as with your make-up, your legs will benefit from a flawlessly tinted look.

The unusual design of the “Belle Tights” suggests you’ve been bathed in sunshine. Fine lines which end in summery flowers at midway up the thighs give this model an airy appearance. These tights are perfect for wearing with summer dresses and skirts.The “Cilia Tights” and the “Lynne Tights” both create a clear outline with their fashionable striking diamond pattern. Whichever variation you choose, both styles can be worn either in classic or modern styles.

When it comes to romance, there are two options. You might opt for the “Delia Tights”, decorated all over in flowers and spots and available as both knee-high and stay-up stockings. Alternatively, you might choose the more modest version, the “Mimi Tights”, which feature a single chain of flowers up the side, tracing the contours of your leg in a particularly attractive way.

For those who feel these styles are a little too playful, the “Paradis Tights” model offers an exciting alternative. Here, fine lines encircle the leg, appearing to be held together by tiny golden clasps at the front, creating a laced-up effect. In a similarly clever way, the “Bootlace Tights” guarantee that you’ll turn heads. This optical illusion is down to elastic satin bands pulled through sewn-in loops, creating a stylised boot leg effect. The opaque “Phila Tights” are also refined with a transparent effect; the centrally-placed floral vine on the front goes particularly well with revealing skirts.

For even more visual variety, especially when wearing pumps and high-heels, the summer 2014 collection includes sock-effect tights. Whilst the transparent “Iliana Tights” decorate the leg as far as the ankle in an opaque, jagged graphic pattern, the “Marissa Tights” feature an attractive floral lace pattern, imitating the shape of an ankle boot.

Seductive tan-effect mesh tights
Whether large or small-scale mesh, with a bold or more subtle design, colourful or in classic black, mesh tights give every appearance that “certain something”. Thrillingly sophisticated summer looks which provide an extra touch of class – whether you opt for the “Adelia Tights” or the “Zehra Tights”. Whilst the former focus on an extravagant lizard-skin design, the latter are adorned with a pattern of cut-out rosettes up the back of the legs. The seamless panty section guarantees that both models are comfortable to wear. The “Nahla Tights” are somewhat more opulent, with large floral elements, which provide a decorative accent when worn with skirts or short dresses.

If you are on the lookout for an additional highlight for your wardrobe, you should pay particular attention to the frappé-coloured “Shamila Tights”, “Shamila Knee-Highs”, “Adelia Tights” and “Suada Tights”, which as well as having an attractive mesh pattern, give your legs a sun-kissed appearance.

With their large-scale cut-out pattern, it would appear as though the “Serena Tights” should be part of the mesh collection, but in fact, these subtly punk-influenced tights are transparent with an opaque pattern, therefore creating the optimum alternative for those who don’t wish to forego a flamboyant mesh pattern.
The delicate counterpart to these are the transparent “Iman Tights”, with a seam running up the back of the legs, which go particularly well with open-toed shoes – a unique summer accessory has arrived.

For special moments
The “Marchesa Tights”, adorned with decorative gemstones of varying sizes, will be your crowning glory for events during the summer season. The eyes will be drawn to the intermittent sparkling effect on the legs, which to give the best appearance, gradually fades from the ankle upwards. To make these as comfortable as possible, the design ends midway up the thighs.

A small-scale design can also have a big impact, proved impressively by the subtle design of the “Natale Tights”. Here, a row of sparkling copper-coloured metal studs run up the front of the leg from the toes up to the upper thighs, giving your legs a particularly elegant look. This festive model is also available as a stay-up version with a laced edge.

Make-up for your legs
In order to enjoy this style beyond the summer, Wolford also offers a variety of shades to match your skin tone all year round, which refine the legs for a flawless appearance – in the same way as your make-up. You’ll find the ultimate mix of natural and flattering tights and stay-up classics in the basic collection, including the airy, “Luxe 9 Tights” which are perfect for summer occasions and available in an open-toe version from summer 14, in addition to the almost invisible “Sheer 15 Tights”. Particularly suitable for wearing under close-fitting clothing is the seamless “Fatal 15 Seamless Stay-Up” model in a range of pastel colours.

Stocking-lovers can experience the cosmetic effect of the matt-look “Eyla Stay-Up”. Bordered with a narrow red satin band, the summery Wolford lightness of this style is especially attractive.


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