The fabric that shapewear dreams are made of: New Cotton Contour material from Wolford reinterprets comfort for shaping lingerie and bodywear

  • Premium cotton with elastane combined with innovative tailoring perfectly sculpts the figure and offers unbeatable comfort
  • Available in stores starting February 2016

    Cotton Contour: The models in this range from Wolford gently sculpt the figure while offering unique comfort. The secret is the highly innovative material, developed and produced exclusively for the Austrian luxury brand. This fabric perfectly combines superior-quality cotton with elastane, which results in unbeatable, gently sculpting lingerie, bodywear and legwear that feels unbelievably soft and that every woman can wear all day long.
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Cotton Contour Forming Dress

A new generation of shapewear:
material and tailoring make models from the Cotton Contour range unique

Cotton Contour reinterprets shapewear comfort, as the unique, new, extremely stretchy material brings nature and functionality together in the perfect way: Top-quality Supima cotton with especially long fibers is used in combination with elastane to create a very fine, soft fabric.
Despite its fineness and softness, this extremely stretchy material has a perfect sculpting effect, with the special Wolford tailoring allowing each of the Cotton Contour items to reveal its full potential.
These items feature a special silicone layer on the hems, ensuring that they lie flat against the skin and do not become rolled up. This also makes it possible to cut flat edges, avoiding bulky seams that would show under tight clothing. A premium flock finish is used for extra comfort for your skin and to protect the silicone strips.


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Cotton Contour Control Panty

A range of items to suit every taste

The variety of Cotton Contour items means there’s something for everyone and they will soon establish themselves as all-day companions thanks to their comfort and versatility. Whether you wear them for a yoga workout, as an exclusive, minimalist piece under a blazer or as part of a casual outfit, both it and you will feel equally comfortable.
Wolford offers two opaque legwear models: the Cotton Contour Forming Capri and the Cotton Contour Forming Leggings. Both sculpt the legs, stomach, hips and buttocks with the utmost comfort.
In the bodywear section, the Cotton Contour Forming Body, Cotton Contour Forming Top, Cotton Contour Forming Shirt and Cotton Contour Forming Dress create the perfect silhouette: They shape the waist and stomach, and the dress also sculpts the hips, buttocks and thighs. With their plunging necklines, they also conjure up a beautiful décolletage. Worn on their own, as part of a layered look or in combination with a blazer, they are luxurious Trendsetters.
Lingerie presents three Cotton Contour models: The minimalist, understated Cotton Contour Tanga will quickly become an indispensable favorite. For those who desire a stronger sculpting effect, try the waist-high Cotton Contour Control Panty or the Cotton Contour Control Shorts, which will effortlessly sculpt your waist.

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