The Wolford hosiery ABC: soft + sexy + striking

  • Geometric two-tone designs the main focus for AW 14/15
  • Luxurious “extras” for legs: gold appliqués, glitter thread, crystals
  • Puristic design with the spotlight on femininity

Attractive autumn colours, exclusive design-extras and a puristic interplay between light and dark form the centre of focus of the Wolford Hosiery Collection AW 14/15. In this way Wolford not only visually defies the cold season of the year, but thanks to softer and warmer fabrics just as effectively in feel as well. Among the absolute highlights are styles in two-tone. Let models with either gold appliqués, interwoven glittering thread or embellished with shimmering crystals take you through the long winter evenings in style – a festive occasion for all ladies who like to show off their legs!


Alyssia Tights

This autumn in addition to vibrant poppy- and berry-reds, the tone is set by soft canelian-orange and a subtle saffran-yellow. Complementing the colour range are warm bison brown and deep cobalt- and rich ultramarine blue. Among the Wolford classics taking advantage of this colour spectrum, are the velvety-matte “Velvet de Luxe 66 Tights”. Particularly attractive when worn with mini-skirts and dresses, it is impossible to imagine a winter wardrobe in the coming season without them.

Also single-colo14415ured, “AlyssiaTights” in winterjouré score points with their fine eyelet pattern but above all through their soft and warm Silky-Soft material which provides a warm and comfortable wearing feeling on even the coldest days.

A further asset is the extensive range of colours: as well as classic black there is a choice of four additional autumn shades (ecru, holly, berry, caper and caviar). The model is also available as knee-highs (“Alyssia Knee-Highs”).


Ombré Tights

Geometric two-tone One colour alone isn’t enough? Wolford has the answer in the shape of geometrical two-tones such as in “Ombré Tights” and “Mikado Tights”: On the former model legs are visually extended by vertical two-tone lines while a light pearlescent shimmer adds an extra touch of elegant style. Similarly captivating in appearance are the “Mikado Tights” with their striking graphic decor displaying several paralell lines criss-crossing to form a diamond pattern. Available in the latest autumn shades these are a guaranteed eye-catcher.

With a two-tone design comprising small triangular shapes “Brit Tights” is another appealing model. Legs are beautifully enhanced thanks to the light-shadow effect.

Classic outfits in particular benefit from this fresh fashion kick while the subtle pearl shimmer lends the right touch of nonchalence.


Niki Tights

From the Trend Collection, “Pippa Tights” offers a skillful combination of colour and graphic pattern. Unmistakeably inspired by British style chic, this model displays alternating small opaque and transparent diamond patterns running next to each other in squares. Particularly impressive – not only in London.

“Niki Tights“ goes even one step further, drawing attention through its classic mini chessboard pattern and (also as a Stay-Up) thus creating exciting fashionable accents to short outfits worn with high heels. Just as eyecatching is the special geometric design of “Tilla Tights” with their diamond-shaped, art-deco pattern, especially effective when combined with short skirts and dresses

Although the design of “Zoey Tights” is rather more subdued, its attractive, fine Paisley pattern, also in two-tone, is certainly bound to turn heads this coming season and can be comibined with a number of styles from mini- to narrow pencil-skirt. Thanks to its high cotton content, these tights are both soft and comfortable to wear and the ideal companion on cold days.


Pascale Tights

Opaque v. transparent The exclusive interplay of opaque and transparent details dominates the sophisticated look of “Pascale Tights” to perfection. As net tights with a dog-tooth pattern they present a stylish combination of classic features with up-to-date effects. Alternatively the knee-high version, “Pascale Knee-Highs”, is perfect for wearing with trouser suits.

“Evelyn Tights“ ensures a making a confident entrance not only during the day. For afterwork wearing, too, these feminine net tights are an attractive eyecatcher. Their ornamental flower pattern transforms any sleek and simple outfit into festive evening wear. Also available as a stay-ups.

Extravagant extras for making a glamorous entrance Whether with appliqué glistening dots on soft, velvet material (“Fabienne Tights”), opaque with artistically integrated glitter thread (“Emma Tights”) shimmering crystal ornamentation or leggings (“Scarlet Leggings”) embellished with numerous strips of gold.

In the coming season a wide range of extravagant details bring legs into the center of focus in a very special way and give every evening outfit that certain, glamorous (Wolford-) “something”.

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