Timeless beauty: what is it? How do we get more of it?

When we say timeless beauty everyone has their own idea of what that means, often times connected to some Hollywood starlet of the past. A type of beauty that never goes out of style and that transcends generations. As much as sultry icons like Sofia Lauren, Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly define timeless beauty in its purest form, so too does Wolford take center stage with its classic collection of ready-to-wear clothing.

Our idea of what constitutes the “ideal shape” has undoubtedly changed over the years, with a fuller figure more appreciated in the 1950s as opposed to a more slender frame considered the icon of what’s sexy today. Wolford’s luxury products are created in such a way that there is no need to decide. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s a way of being, a way of carrying yourself, and most importantly, dressing what you do have. Wolford designs its pieces with every woman in mind, finding its roots in femininity and classic elegance.

fatal dress

Timeless beauty as seen by Wolford is about simple lines, luxurious fabrics and subtle accents to make the biggest statements. It’s about intricate craftsmanship where less is always more. The Fatal Dress by Wolford is the epitome of timeless beauty. Dressed up with a pair of heels for a night on the town or dressed down with the Elena cardigan that lightly drapes the shoulders, its versatility and simplicity hugs each feminine curve.

Fatal Dress

What fabrics do you associate with sultry? Wolford uses a mix of high quality fabrics, each with their own expression of feminine elegance. Tulle finds itself a constant player in the Wolford line, a subtle accent sets against practical fabrics, like the Lugano Tulle shirt with a twisted tulle edging. Tulle is a fabric that dates back to the 1700s and has long since been associated with elegant gowns ever since Queen Victoria was depicted in her flowing tulle wedding gown in 1840.

lugano tulle shirt

Lace has always had some sort of tantalizing appeal and is often associated with lingerie, but Wolford incorporates this once much sought after fabric into its ready-to-wear pieces as well. A velvet lace top offers the perfect peek-a-boo effect for those occasions that require simple pieces with a hint of stylish flair. Wear it underneath a cardigan to spice up a casual look or under a suit jacket for a feminine touch to the work outfit.

The Wolford collection is not only the essence of endless beauty, but it is something that never goes out of style, fitting on every occasion, every context and with careful craftsmanship, it is sure to last a lifetime.