Top fashion for legs

  • Optical illusions for subtle fashion-highlights in Wolford legwear
  • Autumn/Winter collection dominated by fishnet and graphic patterns

In its Autumn/Winter 13/14 legwear collection Wolford focusses on sophisticated top fashion elements such as graphic designs as well as new interpretations of fishnet with classical lace patterns. The combination of the traditional with its apparent contrast provides optical suspense factors. The highlights here are the models with trompe l’oeil effect, whose fashion illusion is only noticable at a second glance. 

The special thing about an optical illusion is in its subtelty. “Robot Tights“ for example appear to consist of individual metal plates. Upon closer scrutiny however these „screws“ turn out to be tiny silver metal discs.  In combination with the matching „Robot Thong Body“ this „industrial look“ certainly numbers among the more funky styles with an eye-catching guarantee.

The overknee-boot-design of “Anne Tights“ is also a visual seduction of a very special kind. The trick here is in the elastic satin ribbon which runs to the height of a stay-up band through knitted-in loops thus giving the impression of a real laced fastening – adding a touch of „vaudeville“ to everyday life.

Particularly stylish are „Sylvie Tights“ appearing at first to be classical fishnet while in fact is a transparent model with a continuous opaque lozenge  pattern. In addtion to its high level of wearing comfort, “Sylvie“ is an attractive alternative to the classical fishnet tights

Fishnet –  newly interpreted
As classical fishnet models “Valencienne Tights“ and “Valencienne Stay-Up“ are not just perfect  for rounding off every stylish outfit but also make legs appear slimmer. This is due to the lace design woven into the net and running lengthwise. This filigree fishnet is particularly attractive when combined with the suitable Ready-to-Wear underwear or accessories from the Wolford Collection. The luxurious fishnet version „Victorienne“, also has its counterparts in the clothing sector: on both the Thong Body as well as the Shirt intricately-worked  floral patterns are the main point of focus making the “Victorienne” Series ideal as an unmistakable contrast to classical outfits.

Eye-catching, sophisticated and unique down to the tips of the toes

Those in search of the exclusive „Something Extra“ in patterns and „pure“ design will not be disappointed in this season either.

Curtain up for „Juliette Tights“ – with a pattern reminiscent of the light-hearted harlequins of commedia dell’arte: small, opaque lozenge shapes on the leg front are broken up by large lengthwise rows, thus creating an optical effect for making legs appear longer. The pattern ends at stay-up height in a seductive band.

Eye-catching, sophisticated and above all unique: these attributes apply to „Spider Check Tights“ as well as to „Graphorama Tights“. While on the former model a fine „web“ of lines stretches up to to stay-up band level, the latter makes a very special impression with its pattern of large-scale graphic shapes. No matter which model is chosen these dynamic styles are sure to cause a sensational grand entrance.

Rivets-, reptile- or romantic look
For very special occasions „Roxette Tights“ are the choice for wearers in search of individuality and originality: this is ensured by the lengthwise strip along the front of the leg decorated with silver rivets. When teamed with models from the current Ready-to-Wear collection an interesting contrast is guaranteed.For those who cannot do without legwear in romantic style, however, the perfect solution is „Romance Tights“ – as pantyhose or stay-up. Responsible for a festive-feminine character on both models is the dainty polka-dot pattern with knitted-in bow at the stay-up band level. While the tights are finished off with a diagonally-striped panty with soft, wide knitted waistband, on „Romance Stay-Up“ the bow is placed on the back of the legs and on the knee-highs („Romance Knee Highs“ ) on the side of the calves just below the knee.

Timeless classics for every occasion

Among the classics „Alina Tights“ radiate the pure understatement. This fine-knit ajouré model with small hole-pattern adds its own subtle imprint to any occasion. In addition to the soft-knitted waistband, smooth-knit toes ensure the best possible wearing comfort.

With its fine diamond pattern „Carré Tights“ may set a rather more discreet tone but its design makes this model a certain allrounder suitable for a variety of fashion styles and has already taken its place of honour among the timeless legwear classics.

If „timeless“ is to be newly-interpreted at Wolford, then the result must be „Gent Tights“. Thanks to a high cotton content this opaque model is extremely comfortable to wear and in addition its subtle two-toned herringbone pattern makes it the ideal choice for a perfectly-styled appearance. Belonging to the „Gent“ family are also trousers and knee-highs.


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