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The bodywear styles from Wolford’s 2015/16 autumn/winter collection are as versatile as ever: inspired by the collection themes of “Sensitivity”, “Vitality” and “Elegance”, we present tops and jumpers which range from sensually feminine to minimalist and modern and glamorously chic. Whether it’s an airy dandelion clock design, a striking interplay with transparency or sparkling Swarovski Elements, the same applies for all models: it would be a shame to hide them under other garments. Whether worn alone or in combination with a jacket, cardigan, loose shirt or sheer top, these items want to be seen.

Lugano Tulle Shirt

Lugano Tulle Shirt

“Sensitivity”: feminine, sensual, feather-light
Feminine, sensual, feather-light: these are the defining attributes of the sensitivity styles, decorated with Swarovski Elements or enchanting the wearer with a dainty dandelion design. Powdery, delicate pastel shades underline this delicate look.

Light, uncomplicated bodywear and lingerie styles such as the Cara Top and Cara Pullover make a fresh start: the combination of a straightforward design, embellished with Swarovski Elements around the neckline, with an especially soft, flattering material, will make these your favourite items this season. Alongside classic black, both styles are also available in the powders bellini rosé shade, and can be combined with the matching Cara String Panty if desired.

The bodywear model from the newly introduced Neon essentials series is also a star item: this extremely delicate jumper boasts a translucent design and wonderful lightness. Extraordinarily soft and with a light shimmer, this item is highly versatile – making a distinguished jumper or appealing top.

The Luxe series is also making its debut, combining a shimmering exterior with a wonderfully soft micromodal interior. As a roll-neck jumper, strappy top or jumper with a wide neckline, these minimalist, modern models are especially versatile and will become instant favourites.
Feminine, airy lace material in a dandelion clock design defines the appearance of the Lilie styles.
The Lilie Pullover is available in two wearing styles, either with a boat neckline or a stand-up collar. They are available in black, bellini and madeira. Alongside fine, almost invisible edges, the slightly overlong sleeves provide a touch of modern chic. Worn alone, these models look especially feminine, but they can also be used to make a conscious contrast as part of a sporty look.
The Lilie Forming Shirt is great peeking out from under a jumper or cardigan – it doesn’t just look good, it also effectively shapes your figure. It combines soft raschel lace with a fine, light plain material and pairs perfectly with the Sheer Touch models from the lingerie collection.
For feminine outfits or to provide contrast to loose tops, we recommend the Lilie Top: airy and light, made from delicate lace with fine, adjustable spaghetti straps, it’s made to be seen.

When it comes to the special Wolford look and feel, the multiplicity of the tulle models knows no boundaries.
Deluxe sensuousness is the main characteristic of the Shade Blouse, a stylish tunic shirt featuring airy-light sheer design with luxurious tulle. Strategic tucks under the bust, a simple collar and narrow cuffs, as well as the fine baby overlock finish on the hems make this elegant shirt an on-trend piece that’s perfect for the layered look. It’s available in black, the tint grey shade and the matt reddish brown shade, madeira.

A tank top with a twist – feminine and elegant: the Athens Tulle Top takes the classic tank top up a notch, with a twisted tulle panel on the neckline for a stylish, elegant touch. For this reason, but also because of its luxurious shimmering material, the Athens Tulle Top is a versatile basic item, which can be teamed with a range of tops, from cardigans to light jackets, as well as shining on its own.
The Lugano Tulle Shirt is a classic short-sleeved top with a twisted tulle panel around the neckline, which adds a stylish highlight. The exterior charms with a shimmering design, whilst the soft cotton interior makes it especially comfortable to wear. This makes the Lugano Tulle Shirt a fantastic basic item that can be worn on its own or with cardigans and short jackets.
The Cordoba Tulle Pullover is a feminine jumper with a slight shimmer and a stylish tulle panel around the wide neckline. The three-quarter sleeves are attached in a stylish raglan style. The subtle, charming Cordoba Tulle Pullover offers a range of combination options, from chic to casual.

 “Vitality: feminine, casual bodywear in bold, lively colours
The “Vitality” collection theme features striking patterns with eye-catching contrasts between opaque and sheer, where ladies always have the choice of a subtle look with fine stripes or a lattice look or a bold fashion statement with exciting opaque block sections.

These styles also get their energy from the intense, saturated colours: shades such as fir, oak, raven, navy and classic black make the styles look both bold and grounded. Elegant and casual are not opposites; instead, they can form a fantastic combination. If you’re looking for light comfort too, then look no further – these items will become everyday staples in your wardrobe.

The new Louie Pullover is a sporty, elegant jumper in a modern striped design, featuring a stand-up collar and three-quarter sleeves. It looks especially youthful and can be combined with tops and bras thanks to the wide neckline. Alternatively, this item is also available with a stand-up collar and slightly overlong sleeves.

The Pagu Pullover, on the other hand, is a straight-cut, loose cropped jumper with stylish wide cuffs. Thanks to the seamless knitting technique and extra-soft Wolford material, it combines a high level of comfort with a modern, casual look and is a trendy partner for skirts, classic trousers or jeans.
The black sequins around the fashionable boat neckline of the Darleene Pullover provides glamorous chic in a modern design, making it a preferred item for a feminine wardrobe and creating a highlight for soirées or special occasions.

Bodywear with Wolford chic
The bodywear styles from the “Elegance” collection offer a sensationally rich contrast between matt and shimmer. Furthermore, embellishment with black sequins, Swarovski Elements and beads, in modern or opulent combinations, create an extra touch of class.

The Clair series with floral lace has several fantastic bodywear styles to offer: The Clair Body with its long, loose sleeves made from floral lace and the Clair Shirt with a lace panel around the neckline and three-quarter sleeves add stylish highlights. The Clair Pullover makes a statement. A clean, minimalist design at the front combined with beautiful lace on the back and a feminine neckline with tulle trim.

Let it glow: the Tiara Body combines sheer material and sparkling Swarovski Elements to make your décolletage the centre of attention. This body is the perfect choice for special occasions and sparkling appearances with its opaque body section, sheer chest and sleeves finished in a seamless knitting technique featuring sparkling elements around the high neckline.
The Tiara Pullover is a sparkling statement for the wrists. Swarovski elements on the cuffs make exclusive eye-catchers and make this top ready for a party, whilst the feminine front and the plunging back add to the look.


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Cara Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/58241.zip
Cara Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/59862.zip
Cara String Panty: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/61237.zip
Neon Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/essential_products/58239.zip

Luxe Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/essential_products/56163.zip
Luxe Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/essential_products/56164.zip
Luxe Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/essential_products/56165.zip

Lilie Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/59873.zip
Lilie Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/59874.zip
Lilie Forming Shirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/59889.zip
Lilie Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/59888.zip

Shade Blouse: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/59865.zip
Athens Tulle Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/55028.zip
Lugano Tulle Shirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/55030.zip
Cordoba Tulle Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/55029.zip

Louie Pullover:http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/58234.zip
Louie Pullover:phttp://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/58235.zip
Pagu Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/58232.zip
Darleene Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/58236.zip

Clair Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/75577.zip
Clair Shirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/59854.zip
Clair Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/55554.zip

Tiara Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/78261.zip
Tiara Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/Fashion/aw1516/products/58237.zip


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