Wolford celebrates women’s sensuality: #UPDATE YOUR LEGS

• Digital storytelling project about female sensuality
• Worldwide facebook contest from October till November

Four writers, four interpretations of female sensuality, one Facebook photo contest and one exclusive party: these are the ingredients of the new project signed by the Austrian brand. The Bregenz based leading brand in hosiery and high-range intimate apparel production, keeps on celebrating and enhancing the sensuality of all women with its products and chooses to tell their stories through one digital storytelling project involving just the female universe.

Four female writers – Nadiolinda, Alessandra Airò, Eliselle and Daniela Farnese – expounded their idea of sensuality through a short story where women are leading actresses with their thoughts but especially with their legs, always being an instrument of seduction and the element which Wolford universe spins around. The stories are the pulsating core of the e-book that can be downloaded from the Facebook page for free.

Women and their legs
Women and their legs are also featured in a contest that will allow them all to try becoming first-person interpreters of the book. Joining is simple: during the months of October and November, upload just one pic fitting “Female legs” theme on the page #update your legs. Top rated four “portraits” will become the four stories translation through images and will be published along them. Besides, the winners will fly to one of the most beautiful European capitals to be part of the exclusive event “Wolford award” in December.

“The women’s legs are compasses
spanning the globe in all directions,
giving it balance and harmony “

Francois Truffaut



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