Wolford is now a bluesign® system partner

  • System partnership ensures transparency throughout the entire manufacturing process, as well as for suppliers
  • Proof of compliance with the highest standards in the world for sustainable production in the textiles industry

Bregenz – Wolford AG is now an official system partner of bluesign technologies ag. This is a global network whose international bluesign® system represents safe textiles, environmentally friendly production and resource-friendly processes. The aim of the bluesign® system is to provide transparency for the whole textile supply chain with regard to consumer protection, workplace safety, waste water and emissions. This is the world’s highest industry standard in this area. Wolford is the first hosiery manufacturer in the world to subject its processes to this in-depth process.

label_bluesign_system_partner “These days, consumers not only expect high-quality, functional products, but a responsible, transparent company to produce them too,” stated Axel Dreher, COO at Wolford, explaining the bluesign® system partnership. “This system partnership reflects the perceived overall responsibility of Wolford in practice and is the next logical step in terms of the company’s internal sustainability process. Furthermore, the introduction of the bluesign® system will further develop and enhance the confidence that our partners, customers and end consumers have in us.”

Wolford already uses numerous bluesign®-certified materials which are produced in collaboration with longstanding partners using the latest technologies. The manufacturing facilities at Bregenz with its nearby water conservation areas, which has been in operation since 1950,   is already special in that most textile companies produce their products in the Far East rather than in Europe. “Wolford is aware of its social responsibility and has already set benchmarks in terms of ecological standards by way of investment measures at its headquarters in Bregenz,” says Axel Dreher. “We will continue along this path in the future.”

Transparent production chain
The purpose of the bluesign® system is to ensure transparency in the production chain, in which all the textile components are produced in an input stream management system before the process even begins and inspected in accordance with EHS (environment, health and safety) criteria,” said Peter Waeber, CEO of bluesign technologies ag, explaining the basic principle behind the system. “Even before production begins, components and processes are analysed to determine whether or not they correspond to the defined criteria. In this way, the bluesign® standard ensures transparency throughout the textile supply chain, without compromising functionality, quality or design.”

The bluesign® system is based on five basic principles: resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety. The system focuses on minimising waste and emissions, and reducing the use of resources for the purpose of protecting consumers and reducing the impact on the environment. The bluesign® system was developed to offer a solution that addresses all these aspects. The advantage: suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and brands are united in order to reduce their ecological footprint and to strengthen the textile industry as a healthy, responsible industry.


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About Wolford Aktiengesellschaft
Wolford AG, headquartered in Bregenz on Lake Constance (Austria), operates 16 subsidiaries and markets its products in 60 countries via more than 270 monobrand stores (own and partner-operated), approximately 3,000 trading partners and online. The Austrian company, which has been publicly listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1995, generated sales of EUR 155.87 million in the 2013/14 financial year (1 May 2013–30 April 2014), and has about 1,560 employees. Since the company was founded in 1950, Wolford has gone on to become a leading global fashion label for luxurious hosiery, exclusive lingerie and high-quality bodywear.
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About bluesign technologies ag:
bluesign technologies ag was founded in Switzerland in 2000. Since then, the bluesign® system has been used by various leading textile manufacturers. A number of renowned companies from the chemical and technological industry also support and incorporate the bluesign® system, whilst established brands in the sportswear and fashion industries have come to trust the expertise of bluesign technologies. The SGS Group holds an 80% share in bluesign technologies ag. The SGS Group is the world’s leading company in the field of testing, verification and certification. It operates a network of more than 1,650 branches and laboratories staffed by over 80,000 people.