Wolford Shapewear Unveils Your Natural Forms and Beauty

Wearing shaping underwear can help you reveal your natural body shape, control the critical parts of your tummy and bottom, and enhance any formal attire.

Back in the 17th century, women used to wear tight corsets in order to achieve the feminine silhouettes that were considered the standard of beauty in that period. Far from being comfortable, and often causing pain after a long wear, those clothing items were chosen by thousands of ladies. Those days are gone and women can now opt for the stretchable shaping underwear that can help them achieve the desired look.


Wearing shaping underwear can help your reveal your natural body shape. Don’t be afraid to show your curves, ladies! The Velvet Lace Forming Dress is a perfect undergarment that combines the modeling feature with a sexy touch of a lace trim on the bra. Fully seamless and made of soft velvet, this lingerie works great under a dress or a skirt.

Summer is the perfect time of the year to finally wear those tight dresses and show off your legs. In case you are worried about fitting into your favorite bodycon dress, the Individual Nature Forming String Body can help you get the best result. Smooth at touch, this string body almost feels like a second skin or a light touch of a make-up. Available in different colors, you won’t even notice you are actually wearing it. Furthermore, it is completely seamless and it features an efficient controlling effect on your body.

Cocktails parties, wedding ceremonies and important business meetings are keeping us very busy. Although you might have never considered wearing them, figure shaping tangas and panties can enhance any of your formal attire and make you look at your best. The Mat the Luxe Control Tanga, will not only give you an invisible look, but it will perfectly control your tummy area. In case you are looking for some effect on your bottom as well, you can opt for Individual Nature Control Panties: invisible and made of transparent fabric, these panties will control your tummy, while creating a push-up effect on your bottom as well.


– yuliya