Wolford Summer Nudes: Muted summer shades for an impressive appearance

  • Elegant bodywear and lingerie in summery nude shades
  • Striking legwear featuring summery, light designs
  • Accessories make nude the latest statement shade

summer nudes

Perfect for summer and anything but monotonous: with Wolford’s “Summer Nudes”, tights, lingerie and bodywear to accessories all become stylish fashion statements with exceptional versatility. The many must-haves in beautifully delicate nude tones such as “rosepowder”, “latte”, “smoothie” and “croissant” underline the individual style of the wearer with muted tones and subtle understatement.

Summery, attractive bodywear: made to be shown off!

A favourite item for parties and festive occasions, whatever the time of day, is the sleeveless “Tulle Drape String Body” in “rosepowder”. The generous, two-ply overlapping tulle panels emphasise the neckline and look very feminine. The circular-knit velvet mix material makes it very comfortable. Alternatively, the “Tulle Drape Body” in a wraparound style with three-quarter sleeves and translucent tulle sections on the front and back create fashionable eye-catching features.
The “Lisbon Tulle String Body” with three-quarter sleeves is a classic, reinterpreted for the 2015 summer collection. Twisted tulle edging decorates the neckline, giving this seamless body an enchantingly charming touch. The elegant, shimmering yarn is finished with cotton on the interior, making it extremely soft on your skin and therefore very comfortable to wear. The seamless, knitted designs from the “Pia” range also promise summery savoir vivre for all occasions: with a plunging neckline and alternating matt and shimmering sections with fine stripes, the “Pia Shirt” will make you long for summer and sunshine. The waist and cuffs are plain and glossy. The classic, casual “Pia Top” with a slightly higher neckline, featuring the same modern striped design, will also make you long for the beach. Only the shoulder sections feature a single gloss colour. The feminine counterpart is the “Pia Body” in the same design with block-colour, gloss panties and a low-cut neckline. All “Pia” designs are available in the nude tones “latte/rosepowder” and “white/damson”.

Combining the practical with the beautiful: Shape & Control in nude tones

The new “Sheer Touch Forming Body” in “rosepowder” from the Wolford Essentials range is a luxurious piece of exceptional elegance. This body made from elegant, delicately shimmering material glides effortlessly over the skin and fantastically shapes the waist, stomach, bottom and hips. Thanks to the seamless finish on the waist and leg, this is the perfect choice under close-fitting outfits.
The “Tulle Forming String Body” promises a sexy look and silhouette: made from the finest tulle, it is an object of desire both for the eyes – in the nude tone of “glycine” – as well as for the fingertips, conjuring up a fantastic silhouette in the waist and stomach zones. This is sure to make it a favourite on warm days. As a result of its plunging neckline, it can be combined with almost any kind of bra. Seamless edges and straps guarantee the ultimate in comfort. The “Rebelle Forming Dress” chemise is the epitome of seduction: the combination of fine net and elegant sheer touch fabric is both sexy and provocative. Its secret: it superbly sculpts the stomach, bottom, waist and hips. Feather-light, soft and smooth on the skin, it is made for the summer and can be worn under close-fitting outfits thanks to its seam-free edges. Similarly, the “Rebelle Forming Body” also effectively shapes the waist, stomach and bottom. The seductive net combination in the top section is there to be seen and looks fabulous under any outfit. The body is perfect for teaming with bras from the Sheer Touch range.
Both designs are available in the shade “rosepowder” for a beautiful alternative to the usual nude shades. Thanks to their elegance, the comfortable summer staples also look great peeking out from under cardigans or jumpers.

Legwear meets airy summer designs

All good things come in threes: as is the case with the summery net “Bastille Tights”, which feature net in three different styles. In the leg area the large-scale open-knit pattern lets the skin shine through elegantly. An enticing integrated band at stay-up height marks the switch to the more delicate net of the seamless panty section. The “Bastille Tights” look both youthful and fresh when teamed with short dresses or skirts. They also lend any outfit a fashionable, casual touch as socks.

The sheer “Leonie Socks” have a truly summery feel: their oversize polka-dot design is screaming to be seen, whether it’s peeking out from under trousers or short skirts. By contrast, the “Rachel Knee-Highs” make a more grown-up look: vertical lines made from tiny dots are reminiscent of pinstripe designs and create a great look when teamed with classic trousers. They also look modern and youthful when paired with short skirts. “Poppy Tights”, featuring a classic, spotted design, offer the perfect look this summer. The pattern is composed of tiny little dots which gradually disperse up the leg, lending a subtle and elegant tone to your outfit. The “Marie Knee-Highs” feature a diamond and polka-dot net pattern and can be combined with any outfit, whether it’s business or leisure, adding a touch of feminine elegance to your look.
This design is also available as tights or knee-highs.

The “Luxe 9 Control Top Tights” will see you through the summer in fine style thanks to their sheer, natural look, which makes the legs look nice and even, but also thanks to the shaping panties that effectively smooth the hips, stomach, bottom and thighs. These tights ensure a perfect silhouette, especially under close-fitting clothing.
For a fashion highlight, we recommend “Estella Leggings” in a rock-chick leather look, which makes for a particularly striking look in the nude tone “latte”. Since they are completely opaque, they are the ideal companion for long-length tops and tunics. A particularly practical feature is the tailored hem, which can be shortened if desired.

Fashion highlights in the rich summery shades of smoothie, croissant and rosepowder

“Smoothie” – the name of this nude shade says it all and perfectly sums up the exquisite comfort of the light, casual “Nicole Shirt” long-length top with its overcut shoulders and feminine neckline. The comfortable, soft viscose in fine 14-gauge knit is chic and feels wonderfully soft on the skin. The cooling effect of the material makes the top perfect for the summer.
The “Nicole Skirt” in the same shade will put a spring in your step this summer: slightly flared, in a knee-length design and made from beautifully soft viscose in a fine 14-gauge knit, it feels light even on hot days and cools the skin. The range is rounded off with a modern, long-length cardigan with casually overcut shoulders made from soft, cooling viscose, which is also made from a fine 14-gauge knit. It is a versatile piece for your summer wardrobe and looks just as great with skinny trousers and leggings as with slim-fitting dresses and skirts.

The “Athens Tulle Top” in “rosepowder” is a summery basic with a modern twist: this feminine tank top features twisted tulle edging on the neckline, which gives it a light and charming touch. Featuring a seamless design with a high cotton content and a seductive shimmer, it reveals its elegance everywhere it goes – whether worn on its own or under a blazer.
The twisted tulle edging on the neckline is also echoed on the “Lugano Tulle Shirt”: the seamless summer top with short sleeves and a slight shimmer provides plenty of versatility for wardrobe options – from officewear to evening wear. The same goes for the “Corboda Tulle Pullover”: the seamless jumper with three-quarter sleeves, twisted tulle edging on the neckline and an elegant shimmer also has what it takes to become a summer favourite.

The “Lia Skirt”, “Lia Pullover”, “Lia Cardigan” and “Lia Dress” in “croissant” all make a splash with their modern, boxy cut in a timeless, minimalist and noticeably elegant design. The viscose used in the 18-gauge Milan knitting technique looks extremely elegant and can conjure up highly attractive complete looks when teamed with other items.
In a seventies style, the sleeveless “Lena Dress” in “croissant” will get you in the mood for summer. One special feature of this dress is the fact that it combines various types of viscose. The fine 18-gauge-knit ribbed front section finishes on the hips with a smooth decorative border. The back and skirt section are made from a more densely woven type of viscose. A further fashion highlight is the white zip which runs from the shoulders to the hips. The colour “croissant” also looks good in a tone-on-tone look as a cool look for hot days, as featured by the sleeveless “Mila Dress” minidress. With slightly overcut shoulders, a full-width slot pocket and a material mix featuring a viscose blend and scuba material, it makes an attractive fashion statement – long live minimalism!

Accessories in nude shades make strong statements

Who says that accessories should be bright and bold? In summer 2015, accessories will be making a statement in elegant antique rose (“smoothie”), airy “beige-dégradé” or delicate “damson”.
The large “Clair Scarf” is made from an elegant cashmere/viscose blend and feels beautifully soft against the shoulders on warm summer evenings. With its ornamental lace jacquard design and subtle matt/sheer effect, it will lend any look a feminine, romantic touch.
The “Filipa Belt”, made from premium nubuck leather, is also a stylish all-rounder. When worn on the waist, it accentuates your figure; when worn on the hips, it conjures a casual look in seconds. The material combination of soft leather and elasticated style is sophisticated and is also comfortable to wear. In addition, you can adjust the length of the belt easily using the practical sliding mechanism.


Photo downloads:

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Tulle Drape Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/75575.zip
Tulle Drape String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/75576.zip
Lisbon Tulle String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/75067.zip
Pia Shirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/55027.zip
Pia Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/75066.zip
Pia Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/55026.zip

Sheer Touch Forming Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/shape_and_control/79095.zip
Tulle Forming String Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/shape_and_control/79042.zip
Rebelle Forming Body: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/shape_and_control/79093.zip
Rebelle Forming Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/shape_and_control/59856.zip

Bastille Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/19161.zip
Bastille Socks: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/41529.zip
Luxe 9 Control Top Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/essentials/17056.zip
Leonie Socks: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/41253.zip
Leonie Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/14460.zip
Rachel Knee-Highs: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/31625.zip
Rachel Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/14495.zip
Marie Knee-Highs: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/31551.zip
Poppy Knee-Highs: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/31624.zip
Poppy Tights: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/14464.zip
Estella Leggings: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/19156.zip

Nicole Cardigan: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/59846.zip
Nicole Shirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/59844.zip
Nicole Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/59846.zip
Athens Tulle Top: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/55028.zip
Lugano Tulle Shirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/55030.zip
Cordoba Tulle Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/55029.zip
Lia Pullover: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/59830.zip
Lia Skirt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/59831.zip
Lia Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/59832.zip
Lia Cardigan: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/59833.zip
Lena Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/59832.zip
Mila Dress: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/59837.zip
Filipa Belt: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/96408.zip
Clair Scarf: http://service.wolford.com/download/press/ss15/trend/96307.zip


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