Wolford Tights make you style-ready for any occasion

Wolford understands that getting the perfect pair of tights can be a challenging task and are pioneers in offering a massive range of different types of luxury tights and hosiery. Combining complete comfort with elegance, they leave you feeling completely satisfied with your purchase, wrapped in luxury.

Well known bloggers have given positive mentions to Wolford: Spanish fashion blogger and trend hunter MuyMia branded Wolford as having a unique image and fashionista duo Midnight Couture quoted on their blog that their ‘Tilda Tights’ made them feel instantly beautiful.

One of the main appeals to the range of tights is the sheer elegance they give. You really will be ready for any occasion, whether it be a sociable dinner with a few friends, a night out on the town or something extra special.

The Leonie Tights are perfect for both day and night, giving that quirky, retro vibe that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. The Fatal 50 give a fantastic shape, making any outfit flattering with a fashionable flair. While the individual 10 are brilliant for a special occasion, adding sophistication to your overall look.


Whatever you choose with Wolford you will not be disappointed, all of the products are expertly designed and created with the highest quality. Whatever event you are prepping for, opt for Wolford for the ultimate luxury experience!

– kerri