Body: they are back as this autumn’s fashion must-have

The experience of wrapping yourself in Wolford’s body promises ultimate comfort, soft to the touch feminine elegance and complete wardrobe versatility

The bodysuit is back, but unlike other dreaded fashions of the 80s and 90s, we’re welcoming this one with open arms. And at the center of the revived trend is Wolford with the introduction of its famous body. The resurgence of the one-piece bodysuit that takes me back to my days as a child in the late 80s, early 90s, takes on a whole new meaning for me in my adult years. And with the Wolford body, it’s not just a garment, it’s an experience.


Whether simple or laced with intricate accents, each version of the Wolford body covers all the base essentials: comfortably soft material and seamless knitting for perfect wear, free of lines. A basic that is perfect for the oncoming chilly weather is the Colorado Body: a classic turtleneck bodysuit that keeps you warm and draws subtle attention to your curves, or the Berlin Body for that same simple effect and ideal to pair with the Alegra Cardigan during the day or a gorgeous necklace to transform it into an evening look.


But, wait a second. The body may bring us back to basics, but it is anything but. Wolford’s new collection pushes the bodysuit to a whole new level of glam. The Tiara Body with its sheer chest and neckline decorated with Swarovski details can be worn under a suit jack for a day look with subtle allure or in the evening for an all-out captivating look. Or for those daring gals, take a bold step with the Darlene String body with its plunging neckline for a subtle sex appeal that maintains a classy elegance.

So why the body? Why not just the shirt? There’s something secure about the bodysuit, something that makes us feel sexy yet 100% comfortable. It’s sleek, clean lines and a gorgeous silhouette. It’s practical but glamorous. It’s an undergarment essential or the wow factor of the outfit. It hugs our curves and accentuates our best parts. It’s simply….stunning.

– Heather