Embrace Your Inner Celebrity

I remember my first time as if it was yesterday. My very first Wolford experience took place in a small Viennese boutique.

While walking home from work one evening, my curiosity was aroused by a gorgeous bright orange bodysuit shining through a small Wolford boutique window. The bodysuit’s material looked luxurious and had a sexy sheen on the outside fabric; I knew at that moment I wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to go inside. As I stepped through the door I was immediately immersed in Wolford’s wide variety of styles, colours and high quality luxury materials.

I perused through an assortment of bodysuits in all their fabulous colours and stopped at the Berlin Body in bright orange, the same one I had seen in the store’s display. I picked up the item and felt the soft cottony material against my skin, it was the purist form of luxury and I knew I had to try it on. I loved the bodysuit’s seamless stitching and the way the material hugged my hips and curves.  While I stood in the fitting room staring at a reflection of myself in the oversized mirror, a strange feeling took over me; I felt as though I had been transferred into another universe. I was still very much myself, but something inside of me had been awoken, something I had never quite felt before. I fell into a fantasy of myself in a Wolford bodysuit walking down a runway at a fashion show in Milan. I felt energetic and excited, I felt like Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson- I felt like a celebrity.

I had always known the Wolford brand was favoured by many celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Scarlett Johansson to Rihanna, but I hadn’t realized the touch of the lavish, high quality fabric against my skin would allow me to embrace my inner celebrity as well. I heard a knock on the fitting room door and realized the saleswoman was asking me if I needed any help. My daydream was officially over. It was time to make my fantasy a reality! I purchased the orange Berlin Bodysuit and promised the saleswoman I would definitely be back again another day.


-by angeli