Working your best assets: From the neck down with Wolford

In my last post, I explored the trials and tribulations of a short girl trying to get by in a world of fashion made for tall people. Instead of talking from the ankle up this time, let’s meander from the neck down and talk about some of your best assets that don’t include your legs or your behind; your naturally sultry and elegant features and how to accentuate them.

One of my favorite female features is the collarbone. For as long as I can remember, it was always something that jumped out at me: some more chiselled and defined, others more subtle and broad, but always the ultimate essence of femininity. In fact, I read somewhere that this is essentially the “new fashion accessory.” Girls are actually contouring their clavicles with a type of foundation made for the body; and I was just getting used to the intricate art of face contouring. If you don’t have the time, patience or desire (as myself), to etch an ever-so chiselled collarbone, there’s little tricks to draw attention to your most sensuous quality. For example, at the risk of channelling a late eighties early nineties look, I love anything off the shoulders. It may be a trip back to fashion’s past, but it brings attention to some of the sexiest parts of the woman: the neck, the shoulders and the collarbone.


Another one of your most insatiable assets? Your back. I find anything with a plunging back even more appealing than a plunging neckline because it is the perfect combination of sexy and elegant. A form-hugging bodysuit with a scoop back, or a Marilyn Monroe-esque halter that showcases the shoulders are just enough to make a simple pair of black dress pants turn into a tantalizing outfit.

Then there are the classic materials that are known for adding a touch of femininity and sensuality to any article of clothing. I find lace not only a sexy accent to an otherwise simple shirt, but also a way to bring out the feminine playfulness of an outfit. Lace will never get old for me. When done right and in moderation, it’s elegant, dainty and seductive. The same goes for sheer, giving that polished, sleek look with just the right hint of risqué.

Spring in fast approaching and we’re starting to peel the layers off. As we know, sexy is not about bearing it all, but rather, bearing all the right things in all the right ways. A bit of sheer, a glimpse of the shoulders, and a long, accentuated neck that goes a long way in garnering a bit of sex appeal.


– Heather