Within the context of the index adjustments of the ATX Committee of the Vienna Stock Exchange, shares of the publicly listed company Wolford AG will no longer be traded on the Prime Market as of September 24, 2018 and will replace on the Standard Market. The underlying reason is that less than 10% of Wolford shares are in free float as a result of the change in the majority shareholder and the successful capital increase. This proportion no longer fulfils the minimum requirements of the Prime Market stipulating 25% of shares in free float and a minimum free float market capitalization of € 15 million.

Nevertheless, the communications carried out by Wolford AG will continue to fulfil the high transparency standards of the Prime Market, and, for example, include the publication of quarterly reports.

“The change to the Standard Market will not impact our capital market communications. We will continue to fulfil all Prime Market requirements”, says Brigitte Kurz, Chief Financial Officer of Wolford AG. “We will also maintain our partnership with our market maker Hauck & Aufhäuser in order to support the tradability of the Wolford share”, she adds.