Wolford offers young people the opportunity to gain practical experience

Are you currently going to school and would like to get some practical experience, or do you attend a school where an internship is compulsory? Would you like to earn your first salary in the holidays?

As a pupil at a commercial secondary or textile school, you can get acquainted with different departments or production operations at Wolford, and even develop and implement initial ideas yourself.

Holiday jobs

For us a holiday job means students working and assisting us in our day to day business activities, and also gaining their first experience with various processes.
In particular, it is possible to work in Wolford’s production departments during the summer months or all longer holidays. Employees in the respective departments will introduce you to the areas of responsibility and supervise you during your work.

Student internship

What is it exactly that Wolford does? Which types of jobs are there? Does one of them suit me?

You can find out the answer to this and a lot more in a student internship.

For Wolford AG, a student internship means that you will gain initial insights into a wide-ranging world of fashion. What you actually learn depends on your commitment, in light of the fact that we manage everything from our headquarters in Bregenz, from shipment and production to marketing. We offer internships for interested students in almost all areas depending on our capacity to offer personal support and supervision. This primarily applies to the periods of time scheduled by the schools for this purpose.

Naturally you will be paid for your work, both within the context of a holiday job as well as a student internship.