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Wolford AG: Implementation of the approx. EUR 22 million capital increase by 11 July 2018 – subscription period 21 June until 5 July 2018

18 June 2018 Today, the management board of Wolford AG set the subscription period from 21 June until and including 5 July 2018 as well as the value date of 11 July 2018 for the ordinary capital increase from currently EUR 36,500,000 to EUR 48,848,227.88 by issue of 1,719,151 new shares.   As already resolved upon

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Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited is the new majority shareholder after closing of the share purchase agreement dated 1 March 2018.

Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited and representatives of the former major shareholder group (WMP Familien-Privatstiftung, Sesam Privatstiftung und M. Erthal & Co. Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H. and related natural persons) informed the company that the share purchase agreement dated 1 March 2018 (see ad hoc announcement dated 1 March 2018) was successfully closed today. Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited

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Capital increase of around EUR 22 million approved, Dr. Junyang Shao is the new chairperson of the supervisory board.

Today's extraordinary general meeting of Wolford AG resolved to increase the share capital from EUR 36,350,000 to EUR 48,848,227.77 by issuing 1,719,151 new ordinary shares. The issue price (Ausgabebetrag) per new share amounts to EUR 12.80; the total issue price amounts to EUR 22,005,132.80. The new shares have a profit entitlement (Gewinnberechtigung) as of 1 May 2017. The

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WOLFORD AG with new strategic core shareholder – Fosun Industrial Holdings Ltd purchases majority stake in Wolford AG, commits to subscribe for a capital increase of EUR 22 million, and intends launching a takeover offer

1 March 2018. Wolford AG announces the completion of the signing of agreements on 1 March 2018 as follows. The intention of signing such agreements was published by means of dissemination of inside information on 1 March 2018, 10:34. Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited (Fosun) concluded an agreement for a purchase of a majority stake in

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Fosun intends to purchase majority stake in Wolford AG and to commits to subscribe for a capital increase of EUR 22 million. A takeover offer to shareholders is expected.

Wolford AG announces that Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited (Fosun) and the main shareholder group (WMP Familien-Privatstiftung, Sesam Privatstiftung and M. Erthal & Co. Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H. as well as related parties) intend to conclude an agreement for the purchase of a majority stake in Wolford AG (2.543.694 shares, approx. 50.87% of the total share capital of

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Changes on the Supervisory Board of Wolford AG

Claudia Beermann Elected to Serve as Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and Thomas Tschol as Deputy Chairman Vienna/Bregenz, September 15, 2017. Following the 30th Annual General Meeting of Wolford AG held in Bregenz on September 14, 2017, the Supervisory Board held its constituent meeting and reorganized the top board positions as follows: Claudia Beermann, who

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Wolford AG / Dr. Antonella Mei-Pochtler resigns as chairperson and will leave the supervisory board

Dr. Antonella Mei-Pochtler, chairwoman of the supervisory board of Wolford AG since September 18, 2014, informed the company that she resigns as chairwoman with immediate effect and will leave the supervisory board in accordance with the articles of association as of September 8, 2017, in order to be able to participate in the ongoing bidding

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WOLFORD AG Secures Financing Until June 2018

Wolford AG has agreed with its banking partners to have its lines of credit extended up until June 30, 2018 as well as to be granted bridge financing of up to € 10 million to cover its peak seasonal liquidity requirements. The agreement is subject to contractual implementation and the approval of the corporate bodies

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Wolford AG: Change in the Management Board

Ashish Sensarma, 57, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wolford AG since January 2015, will resign from his position on the Management Board as of July 31, 2017. Axel Dreher, 52, the previous Deputy Chief Executive Officer, will also assume management responsibility for Strategy, Marketing and Sales as of August 1, 2017. Moreover, at its meeting

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Main shareholder group intends to sell its stake, company intends equity financing

The main shareholder group of Wolford AG, WMP Familien-Privatstiftung, Sesam Privatstiftung and its subsidiary the "M. Erthal & Co." Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H., as well as related parties announced today the intention to sell their stake, which is a majority stake, in Wolford AG. To this end, the shareholders are starting a process, which is supported by

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