• EBITDA € 8,535
  • EBITDA margin 7.8%
  • EBIT € -5,263
  • EBIT margin -4.8%
  • Earnings after taxes € -12,332

With sales of € 108.9 million for the reporting period January to December 2021, Wolford AG beat the previous year (January to December 2020) by approximately € 13.2 million (approx. 14%). EBITDA (operating result before depreciation and amortization and other financial expenses) turned positive from € -8.0 million to € +8.5 million, which is the best EBITDA result in 10 years (adjusted for real estate sales).

Wolford delivered a resilient and encouraging performance with a significant turnaround in EBITDA, and demonstrated a clear path to sustainable growth despite the challenging market conditions in 2021. The company delivered positive sales growth across all channels and geographies, as a result of its global expansion and enhanced brand strategies. Substantial revenue growth in both the US and China partially offset the impact of lockdowns in Europe. Athleisure lines and capsule collections with internationally acclaimed designers have also proven to be a new, high-growth avenue for the brand. The business will continue to innovate to capture the significant market opportunities which exist.