ISIN CodeAT0000834007
Stock ExchangeVienna Stock Exchange (Standard Market)
Frankfurt (Freiverkehr)
New York (ADR Programm, Level 1)
Type of Sharebearer shares (unit shares)
First listing14.02.1995
Total number of Shares6,719,151 Pcs.
Stock capital48,848,227.77 Euro
IndizesATX Standard Market, ATX globalplayer
Ticker-SymbolsWiener Börse: WOL
Reuters: WLFD.VI

FFG Wisdom (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. holds around 58 percent of total shares. Ralph Bartel holds more than 30 percent of the registered shares. Wolford AG itself holds around 2 percent as treasury stock. The remaining shares are in freefloat.

Shareholder structure:

February 6, 1995:First Subscription Day with early closing of offering and 8-fold oversubscription
February 14, 1995:First day of trading of the “Lady Share“ on the Vienna Stock Exchange and the OTC market in Frankfurt, Issue price ATS 440 (€ 31.98) per share, Closing price, ATS 439 (€ 31.90) per share
October 7, 1996:1 for 2 stock split
October 16, 1996:Historic all-time high reached at ATS 1,510 (€ 109.74) per share. Share price of ATS 3,020 (€ 219.47) before the stock split.
June 24, 1996 – Sept. 23, 2002:Listing of the Wolford share in the ATX
January 2, 2002:Listing in the ATX Prime
Since September 5, 2018:Changeover from Prime Market to the Standard Market


The Wolford share – since its invalidation in June 2013 a historic security and much sought-after collectible.

The depiction on the share of fresco painting, which Gustav Klimt created for the National Art Museum in Vienna, does justice to the first traded securities in their role as “documents of value”, not only with respect to contents but in formal terms. The fresco is dedicated to the Greek and Egyptian protective goddess of the fire arts, who attributes are renewal, fantasy, courage and independence – values which Wolford also cherishes.