Efficient Use of Water

Water as a natural resource has been the focal point of many of Wolford’s environmental protection measures since the company was founded about 70 years ago. This also includes the efficient use of water and thus a minimization of consumption. Furthermore, the issue of wastewater has been important to Wolford for years, given that production operations include a dyeing mill work with chemicals as well as dyes. The production site in Bregenz is located about 1,500 meters from Lake Constance with its shore protection areas. Furthermore, the premises of the company border on a water protection area, which supplies drinking water to Bregenz.

Wolford makes use of groundwater at both of the facilities in Bregenz and Murska Sobota (Slovenia) for its processes and for climate control purposes in buildings. Groundwater in Bregenz is derived from two company wells and is initially utilized for cooling buildings. Excess groundwater seeps back into the ground. The remaining water is chemically treated to fulfil the special quality requirements of the dyeing process and subsequently made available for various process steps. Most of the water consumed by Wolford is for dyeing the company’s own textiles. On average, Wolford needs about 500 m³ of treated process water each day.

Wolford directly conveys wastewater to the Bregenz Wastewater Treatment Plant (ARA Bregenz). Moreover, air conditioning systems use large amounts of water in the summer months. The water is fed into a closed system and is, in part, directly returned to the groundwater in compliance with strict legal requirements.

1) Groundwater consumption at the Murska Sobota site can only be documented per calendar year.

2) Other sources of water than the ones indicated here are not used.