Minimizing Emissions and Energy Consumption

As a means of mitigating the consequences of global warming, Wolford regularly analyzes its energy consumption and continually improve its energy performance. In this process the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act (EEffG) is supporting the companies in Austria to implement efficiency measures since 2015.

Almost all business areas are equipped with energy meters and sensors, supplying consumption data to a central building control system in real time. The strategy of enhancing energy efficiency and avoiding harmful emissions in production also entails the increased application of waste heat recovery methods. In the 2017/18 financial year, Wolford specifically implemented measures at the Bregenz plant which increased the share of usable waste heat derived from the air compressors by about 17%.


1) At present the company’s entire fuel demand is covered by non-renewable sources. Fuel consumption encompasses all company vehicles (company vehicles in Murska Sobota are centrally managed in Bregenz).

2) In Murska Sobota groundwater heat pumps are used instead of steam boilers. Steam consumption also includes gas consumption in production.

3) The figures for fuel and energy consumption are derived from monthly calculations. No data is currently available on energy consumption for heating and cooling. Source for the conversion factor used is the CO2 calculator of the Austrian Federal Environmental Agency.