On January 31, 2019, Wolford opened its first shop in Amsterdam in the new store design in the presence of 130 invited media representatives and other guests. The new shop with close to 80 m² of floor space in the middle of the noble shopping street P.C. Hooftstraat will make the new look and feel tangible and visible at the point of sale for the very first time. This comes on the heels of Wolford’s official presentation of its new brand presence in November 2018. Starting in February, two boutiques in Paris and one shop located in the South Coast Plaza mall in Los Angeles will also feature the new design.

Wolford hired the boutique agency “Studio Modijefsky” a team of young women, to coordinate the development of the new shop design. Inspired by the craft tradition of the brand, the agency created an interior which appears to be elegant, warm and intimate thanks to its monochrome colour scheme, surprising materials and subtle light effects. At the same time, it gives the impression of being industrial, with raw, partly freestanding walls, screens and illuminated boxes as well as coil-shaped glass lamps inspired by the thread spools used in Wolford’s production operations.

The design clearly accentuates Wolford products, which are openly presented within the context of various themes. At the same time, there are many playful references to human interaction which surprise customers and allow them to experience the brand on different levels. In doing so, the shop concept functions in a similar manner to a toolbox. The modules can be used in very flexible ways and continuously changed.

Following a trial period for the new pilot stores, Wolford will further optimise the shop concept in detail so that it can be gradually rolled out. “Our new pilot store reflects the DNA of the Wolford brand and serves as an important element in our new brand identity. The modular nature of the concept can be linked across the globe with regional and cultural aspects and is also an optimal solution which will be economically successful”, emphases Wolford CEO Axel Dreher.

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