March 2020, Bregenz – Austrian Skinwear specialist Wolford rearranges production in its headquarters in Bregenz and factory in Slovenia from tights and bodies to face masks for the challenging time ahead. Using its high-quality material, knitting technique and expertise for product finishing the brand has quickly been able to adapt production processes to actual requirements. Additionally Wolford is currently managing the coordination of donations from main shareholder Fosun to healthcare-related institutions in Italy and Austria as part of the Fosun Global Anti-Virus Relief Scheme.

Wolford produces face masks for employees and consumers

Since beginning of March the brand’s production facilities at the headquarters in Bregenz, Austria and in Slovenia work full speed on producing face masks for its employees in critical regions and consumers.
The masks are made of a double-layered high-quality breathable fabric to ensure easy breathing when they are worn. Their completely water-repellent finishing provides full coverage even against minimal moisture. Typically Wolford, a perfect fit is created with the finest knitting, individually adaptable aluminum nose-wires and highly elastic, extra-thin bands to keep the masks in place. Keeping an eye on the environment as usual, the masks are washable and therefore reusable over and over again. The main quantity of the masks will be handed out for free to employees in highly affected areas such as Italy and Austria. A limited number will be sold through the brand’s e-commerce to customers worldwide. The income achieved will only be used to cover production costs and logistics and for donations to healthcare related activities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wolford supports local production of surgical and medical face masks

A taskforce built from different textile companies in Vorarlberg, federal state of Austria which is home to Wolford since 1950, produces a total of 200.000 face masks for the use in hospitals and medical practices. For this project Wolford provides knitted, highly elastic tubes for the production of 8.000 masks a day and takes care of the molding process. Furthermore the Vorarlberg consortium will also produce medical FFP2 and FFP3 face masks with the support of the medical institute in Vienna.

Wolford joins Fosun’s global anti-pandemic campaign

In times of social distancing countries and cultures are moving closer showing solidarity and helping each other the best possible way. As Wolford provides its innovative know-how, production capacity and resources to support the fight against COVID-19 also the brand’s major shareholder Fosun has started a huge initiative named “Global Anti-Virus Relief Scheme” to support the worldwide fight against the new virus.

Since 2018 Fosun International Limited is Wolford’s major shareholder. This technology-driven consumer group was founded in 1992, in Shanghai, with the mission to create happier lives for families worldwide. As a global enterprise with its roots in China, Fosun has paid close attention to the global spread of the pandemic. They have mobilized resources worldwide and deployed and donated medical supplies to many countries, such as Italy, Japan, South Korea, India, UK and France.

On March 23, the fifth batch of medical protection supplies from the “Global Anti-virus Relief Scheme” which consists of 25,000 items arrived in Milan. They will then be transported directly to 8 hospitals in Italy’s most affected areas, among which Wolford helped to manage the donation in 3 hospitals in Emilia Romagna – Sassuolo Hospital, Aou Modena, Avis Provinciale Parma. This also represents the ninth batch of medical protection supplies as well as the third batch donated by Fosun to Italy in support of overseas countries ever since Fosun launched the second stage of its global anti-pandemic campaign.

Guo Guangchang, chairman of Fosun International said, “As a global enterprise, we want to do our part to help the world win the battle against novel coronavirus as soon as possible. We are deeply concerned about the health and safety of our overseas employees and customers, and we will stand firmly with the global public. I believe that with the wisdom of all mankind, as long as we unite, support and help each other, we can overcome the difficulties and overcome the virus.”

Wolford is very proud to be part of the worldwide initiatives supporting  the prevention of the spread of the virus with its production, resources and know how:
„This is just a small contribution that we, as a privileged company, can give back to our environment. Together with our main shareholder Fosun we are very happy to support medical institutions in Italy and Austria. Both regions are close to our hearts as they are home to our headquarters and our sales office and main showroom; the places, where the majority of our employees live. We are beyond thankful for the great help of our employees worldwide in these tough time and want to give back. We will work together with the medical institutions to guarantee the help will reach those mostly in need. Stay safe.“ – Wolford’s CCO Silvia Azzali & COO Andrew Thorndike.